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T.J. Watt is the new face of a new Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh. This is how he became a wrecking ball who tears down opposing offenses.

@BiasedGirl  "This bio-moly-cule goes into yins circulatory system and builds a Steel Curtain defense in yins immune system, blitzing the coronavirus like James Harrison on the blind side. "

History beckons for Rangers - but they have to become the best in Britain to match the steel of The Iron Curtain

Workers removed the resin-and-steel statue of Jen Reid in Bristol at dawn Thursday, 24 hours after it was put up, bringing a swift curtain down on an act of guerrilla art.

When the “Steel Curtain” title was coined in the early ’70s, it was based on a unit of 4 players. One of them is not as well known as the others, but he's likely the most recognized player in franchise history to wear No. 60: Ben McGee.

‘Burgh’s best to wear it, No. 64: Steve Furness played key role on Steel Curtain, won 4 rings

No other player has worn No. 75 since Joe Greene retired after the 1981 season. In his 13 years with the #Steelers , Greene was the backbone of the Steel Curtain defense that earned 4 Super Bowl titles in a 6-year span.

Even their Steel Curtain defense, or Blitzburgh, or their great ones of this century could not equal what the current Steelers defense has done.


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Hats off to the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. They shut down the Rams today and only gave up 3 points. The Rams could not block their front. Rams gave up 4 sacks, had numerous holding penalties and went 1/14 on 3rd down. steel curtain'>Vintage Steel Curtain.

Trump wants a steel wall. Pelosi mocks it as a “beaded curtain “. Compromise: an Iron Curtain.

Does your team have a rollercoaster? We do. Coming to @Kenny_Kangaroo  in 2019: The Steel Curtain.

?+?=? to open a fan-centric -themed area i #Steelers  2019, highlighted by ‘Steel Curtain’ roller coaster. MORE:

The totally looked past the . And the defense is responsible. Big Ben showed up, despite mistakes. showed. showed up. But their defense didn’t. No Steel Curtain in the Steel City. That’s what happened.

This is officially embarrassing. The defense has given up 35 of 42 pts to a BLAKE BORTLES offense. You see why you needed to keep quiet ? Even if you play well, you can’t speak for everybody. 35 Damn points! Boy do I long for the days of STEEL CURTAIN!

Cowboys. Steelers. America's Team. The Steel Curtain. One of the NFL's most historic rivalries. (via @MarkKriegel )

Steel Curtain back? 3 reasons why the @steelers  are in for a big 2016: (via @BuckyBrooks )

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Former teammate @Realrclark25  on the man who revived the Steel Curtain, newly retired @steelers  legend Troy Polamalu: