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#Facebook is a rotten company, rotten from the top down, its founder, board and top execs are sociopaths and monsters, committers of non-hyperbolic, no-fooling crimes against humanity. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They are some of history's greatest villains. 1/

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First National Bank was allegedly used by former administrators to steal more than R6.3-million from another major financial institution, Investec, in what the state called “a syndicated manner”. 

Former Federal Judge Lays Out Advice He Gave Pence To Ignore Trumpian Scheme To Steal Vote

How Mike Pence's 6-point plan to steal the election leaves a roadmap for future authoritarians

Armed thieves stealCadillac from car dealership, police say

An attorney told authorities that the juvenile was about to go bow hunting for deer when he saw the Dittmer, Missouri man trying to steal a lawn tractor and wood splitter.

Raiders steal £250k Blue WKD from Scots bottling plant before fleeing in tractors

This will never stop being bonkers: "They laid out a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that a voting machine company had worked with an election software firm, the financier George Soros and Venezuela to steal the presidential contest from Mr. Trump."

'He stole her life because he wanted to steal her car': Family of Destiny Jackson distraught after suspect's arrest. #8NN 


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The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C., will take place at 11.00 A.M. on January 6th. Locational details to follow. StopTheSteal!

“Why did the Swing States stop counting in the middle of the night?” @MariaBartiromo  Because they waited to find out how many ballots they had to produce in order to steal the Rigged Election. They were so far behind that they needed time, & a fake “water main break”, to recover!

Unless Republicans have a death wish, and it is also the right thing to do, they must approve the $2000 payments ASAP. $600 IS NOT ENOUGH! Also, get rid of Section 230 - Don’t let Big Techsteal our Country, and don’t let the Democrats steal the Presidential Election. Get tough!

Where the hell is the Durham Report? They spied on my campaign, colluded with Russia (and others), and got caught. Read the Horowitz Reports about Comey & McCabe. Even the Fake News @nytimes  said “bad”. They tried it all, and failed, so now they are trying to steal the election!

Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them! #MAGA 

The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election. We won’t let them!

The hand recount taking place in Georgia is a waste of time. They are not showing the matching signatures. Call off the recount until they allow the MATCH. Don’t let the Radical Left DemsSTEAL THE ELECTION!

All of the mechanical “glitches” that took place on Election Night were really THEM getting caught trying to steal votes. They succeeded plenty, however, without getting caught. Mail-in elections are a sick joke!

....Where it mattered, they stole what they had to steal. @newtgingrich 

They are sending out 51,000,000 Ballots to people who haven’t even requested a Ballot. Many of those people don’t even exist. They are trying to STEAL this election. This should not be allowed!