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Coming in hot with the top 10 most searched tokens of the week on CoinMarketCap! 🔥 Are any of your favorite projects there? You can find more interesting stats here - currency #Crypto  #Cryptocurrency  #Altcoin  #DeFi 

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#TeenDVMonth is winding down, but every day is an opportunity to teach young people about healthy relationships and the warning signs of abuse. Discover stats on teen dating violence, request a training, & learn how to help teen survivors on our website:

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Here are the Texas charts. You can see the drop in stats over the blackout period and the subsequent bounce upward. Is this a glitch? Or a new trend? We will see.

Hello! Here's my occasional thread on coronavirus stats globally, with a focus on vaccine delivery. Today: - Cases are moving up worldwide, especially in the US. - Deaths are following. - New variants may be gaining ground. - Vaccine rollout remains limited.

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New monthly merchandise figures have been released in the WTO Data Portal. Explore more economies here: Filter tip: stats'>International Trade Stats > Merchandise#WTOStats 

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Negro League slugger Josh Gibson’s great grandson Sean Gibson discusses MLB's inclusion of Negro League statistics. "We always considered Josh Gibson a major leaguer anyway. It's just now that he's recognized in the Major League Baseballstats."

First batch of IRS filing-season stats ... and apples-to-apples comparisons are gonna be a mess this year. Early season volume is way down because season started later. And then comparing anything from March 2021 to March 2020 is gonna be tricky too.

can one of you stats guys tell me what the Long Term average 2-10yr spread has been? $TLT

R Ashwin stats: Lethal at home and India's new-ball spearhead


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When this is over, how will we deal with anchors who incite a race war? Those who ignore the available stats that counter their narrative? we all agree what's bad is bad; but to drive destruction and death thru extrapolation ends civilization. Asking for @CNN 

Dem run NYC is instructing contact tracers to not ask people if they joined protests/riots bc they don’t want any stats/evidence proving protests led to a corona spike. Much easier for them to blame biz owners & church goers. Manipulative Dem hacks!

The stats are sublime. The player is sublime. #ThankYouEden 

California leads the nation, by far, in both the number of homeless people, and the percentage increase in the homeless population - two terrible stats. Crazy Nancy should focus on that in her very down district, and helping her incompetent governor with the big homeless problem!

so I don’t usually talk about stats like this but I found out Without Me is the #1  most played song on pop radio this year, and Nightmare is the most added song at radio this week. I am so beyond speechless. Thank you for taking my voice to places I never thought it’d touch ?

You rarely see stats like these. 26 years ago today, Shaq put up a triple-double WITH BLOCKS ?

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While the media is fixated on tweets and fear mongering here's are some employment stats for Black American in July. 284,000 returned to labor force Participation rate soars 62.7% from 61.9% Unemployment gap between Black and White now second lowest on record (record May 2018)

stats'>Derby Day StatsCity have won 5 trophies in the last 41 years . All since 2011. United have won 34 trophies in the last 41 years. However United have also won 5 trophies since 2011. Not such a dark period for United as we all think... ( don’t bite blues )

Neymar has the lowest pain threshold of any player in World Cups since Opta stats began.

Dedication of you guys is amazing! Seen some of the ticket sales stats yesterday! Incredible job! We gona make the best show we can for you