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"This is not a young people's problem, this is an everybody problem." - @chucknicecomic  on climate change #StarTalkNYCC 

"This is Comic-Con. Don't you share the love of a beat-up old comic book?" - @chuckliu  #StarTalkNYCC 

"We're not even gonna talk about the Kessel Run." @chuckliu  "Oh man, hold me back!" @neiltyson  #StarTalkNYCC 

Time to dive deep into the science of Star Wars. First off, we'll be examining exoplanets and aliens. #StarTalkNYCC 

"X-Wings...they can't fly. They just can't. Tie fighters? They can't fly either." @chuckliu  #StarTalkNYCC 

"I don't know why they planned Comic-Con on my birthday!" - @neiltyson  #StarTalkNYCC 

That's all for tonight's panel! Thanks for tuning in for our live tweets. Keep looking up! #StarTalkNYCC 

"Does that mean it would be moral to eat E.T.?" - @chuckliu  on E.T. being a vegetable #StarTalkNYCC 


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