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@PPathole  Most people have no idea Starship exists or how large this beast is! Body diameter (9m or 30 ft) is bigger than a 747 or A380. Starship thrust & mass are more than double Saturn V moon rocket. Making life multiplanetary means massive rockets. Got to be done.

Elon Musk says starship could in theory return Hubble telescope to Earth

There is also Orion of course, but it probably is about three years from human launches. Starship, too, has a ways to go before human missions. Probably 3-5 years.

Starship doctor warns third wave of illnesses 'will kill children'

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The colossal rocket will launch Starship on flights to the Moon, Mars and beyond

SpaceX fires up its starship'>Super Heavy Starship rocket booster for the first time

Watch SpaceX fire up one of the world's biggest rocket boosters, Super Heavy, for the first time ahead of Starship's planned orbital launch

Elon Musk's @SpaceX  a step closer to Mars as Starship's Super Heavy booster test a success


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Starship landing nominal!

Starship launch tomorrow. Window opens at 9am.

NASA has selected Starship to land the first astronauts on the lunar surface since the Apollo program! We are humbled to help @NASAexplores  usher in a new era of human space exploration →

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SpaceX’s fifth high-altitude flight test of Starship from Starbase in Texas

Possible Starship flight tomorrow afternoon

Starship SN10 landed in one piece!