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Labour civil war: Emily Thornberry breaks rank with Keir Starmer on Corbyn suspension

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Steve Bell’s If ... Starmer stands firm on Corbyn's whip

Labour has lost members at a rate of nearly 250 a day since Sir Keir Starmer was elected last spring, with supporters of Jeremy Corbyn leading a stream of departures from the party.

"Keeping Corbyn out of the PLP is like putting sugared water in a jam jar to distract wasps from your food: it draws the most toxic, hard-left blow-ins away. with Corbynites now in open revolt, Starmer needn't feel beholden to them" writes @VictoriaPeckham 

Starmer sparks fury by missing MPs’ grilling on Corbyn anti-Semitism row

Keir Starmer has to allow Jeremy Corbyn to sit as a Labour MP – for the good of the party

‘Political vendetta’ decried as Corbyn’s Labour whip suspended by Starmer in ‘dictatorship’ move @jeremycorbyn  @Keir_Starmer 

Keir Starmer has to allow Jeremy Corbyn to sit as a Labour MP – for the good of the party | @AJScattergood 


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Woah: Keir Starmer says he spoke to Jeremy Corbyn the night before report published and JC knew “exactly what I was going to say” on anyone who denied AS or said it was an exaggeration had no place in Labour. But JC still went on to do that in his statement. #r4today 

TONIGHT: “The reason we lost the 2019 election was one reason only and that was Brexit@LenMcCluskey1  says Corbyn should have asked Keir Starmer to leave the shadow cabinet if he wanted to support remain Watch our film on the future of the Labour Party at 22:45 #Newsnight 

🥀 If Sir Keir Starmer was serious about National Security he would not have sat there on the front bench propping up Jeremy Corbyn when he refused to accept Russia’s culpability for the Salisbury poisonings. 💬 @BorisJohnson : "This is what this is all about." WATCH 👇

Boris Johnson claims Starmer was “sitting on his hands and said nothing" after Salisbury poisonings while Corbyn's Labour "parroted the line of the Kremlin". Starmer asks him to withdraw the comment #pmqs  Here’s what he actually said at the time.....

One startling statistic from the Labour leadership election results: @Keir_Starmer  today won the votes of nearly twice as many party members as @jeremycorbyn  did in 2015. Starmer 2020: 225,000 members Corbyn 2015: 121,000 members That's a hell of a grassroots mandate

Breaking: Corbyn’s constituency of Islington North has nominated Keir Starmer and not Rebecca Long-Bailey

“Watson Starmer Thornberry and McDonnell don’t want a General Election now, they want a second rigged referendum to overturn the 2016 British peoples decision to leave the EU. It’s a coup not just against Corbyn, it’s a coup against Britain, it’s a coup against democracy itself”

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Isn’t the choice before the Labour Party clear? There would be a reasonable chance of a Labour government / SNP, Lib, Lab coalition this year with Starmer or Thornberry as leader, and a significantly lower probability with Corbyn as leader. Isn’t that incontrovertible?