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DMK president MK Stalin has blamed PM Modi for the rapid surge in Covid cases #TamilNadu  #PMModi  #COVID19  | @PramodMadhav6 

#Ashishyechury dies of COVID-19: PM Modi, #MamataBanerjee , MK Stalin, others offer condolences #SitaramYechury  #COVID19 

Russia's Putin has created a cult of personality that hasn't been seen since his hero Stalin (the Georgian butcher) (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev / NY Times)

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This was Stalin’s plan all along.

DMK chief Stalin slams 'differential pricing' of Covid vaccine

DMK chief Stalin slams 'differential pricing' of covid vaccine

Stalin urges PM Modi to lift restrictions on states in procuring drugs to fight Covid-19

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‘The Kremlin is following Stalin’s toolbook,’ says Russia’s top documentary director | @olliecarroll 


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The world is laughing at America & Mao, Lenin, & Stalin are smiling. Big tech is able to censor the President? Free speech is dead & controlled by leftist overlords. In case I’m next stay connected by simply signing up now at I’ll let u know where I land.

A subservient Press that Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao could only ENVY! Total Minutes of Hunter Biden Email scandal coverage; ABC - 0 Minutes NBC - 0 Minutes CNN - 4 Minutes

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Come January 6th: (Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. - Stalin) "Come January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence will be presented with the sealed certificates containing the ballots of the presidential electors. 1/4

Ken Burns told me Robert E Lee killed more Americans than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden combined.

Romney was silent when his friend Scarborough accused the president of the United States of bring Hitler, a neo-Nazi, Stalin, and Mussolini.  It seems Romney’s moral outrage is situational and political.

Moron Kamalahasan and DMK stalin'>Chief Stalin are howling about imposition of Hindi. What about their imposition that no Hindi will be taught in TN? Let Hindi be an optional third language and the choice on which language to opt left to the student

Bernie Sanders Campaign Operative Makes Case For Concentration Camps: - Stalin & gulags were good - Gulags paid a living wage - Billionaires should be sent to gulags to break them of “privilege” @BernieSanders  hires communists who want to put YOU into camps if they are elected

They don’t worry that he is a communist. Nor that he glorifies communists or likes to pal around with them. Nope, the fear is Republicans will “pounce on it.” How ‘bout this: Stalin, Mao, Castro & Pol Pot we’re all horrible, murderous tyrants & anyone saying otherwise is lying.

@realDonaldTrump  calling on the Kurdish people to head to Syria's "Oil Region" where they have never lived. He's saying Kurds should abandon their cities, farms and homes. Mass population transfer was a tactic Stalin often used, not one called for by modern American presidents.

Sounds like Stalin. Looks like a tangerine clown. Trump will be out of office soon enough. But the fools who refuse to denounce this autocratic clatter will forever be shunned and find getting future jobs difficult—especially after this nonsense leads to violence.