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But here's another chart, showing that in the Bay Area, the 49ers had the NFL's LOWEST current infection rate. (By traveling to Arizona, they have moved to a place with roughly double the infection rate.) All kinds of cities liable to shut down sports in the weeks to come.

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Verizon Fios and SPORTSPIT' alt='ROOTSPORTSPIT' /'>@ROOTSPORTSPIT  announce they've signed a long-term deal to relaunch the regional sports network to customers. Great news for Pirates and Penguins fans. ... And the Mackey household.

D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R! a year that felt frozen in time and yet sped by like a blur. Stick stuck on a Wednesday in March. To the 2020 finish line! Together! Good morning sports fans.

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Michigan could give the OK to casinos to allow sports betting and gambling by December. A committee in the legislature has to first green light the industry's start.​

7 Stocks To Watch Ahead Of Michigan Online Sports Betting Legislation $DKNG $PENN $LCA $GAN $DMYT $WYNN $PDYPY

$SGMS: Scientific Games is partnering with sports'>Genius Sports Group, a provider of sportsbook management solutions, to...

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is temporarily halting all indoor youth and high school sports starting on Saturday, December 5th. Additionally, Murphy again lowered outdoor gatherings to 25 people, down from 150, beginning December 7th.

12-year-old Moses has a warm heart that’s ready to embrace any loving family. He loves sports, the Spurs and Michael Jordan, and he loves skateboarding!


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The NBA, owners and front offices didn't see this wave of player boycotts coming today. Hours ago, they all expected to be playing these games tonight. This is a pivot point for the NBA and professional sports in North America.

well dicks is not actually swearing in america its a big sports superstore and dick is also the name of many many men

I can't recommend this incredible @SportsCenter  recap of sports in the 2010's enough.

Looking forward to live sports, but any time I witness a player kneeling during the National Anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our Country and our Flag, the game is over for me!

They name teams out of STRENGTH, not weakness, but now the Washington Redskins & Cleveland Indians, two fabled sports franchises, look like they are going to be changing their names in order to be politically correct. Indians, like Elizabeth Warren, must be very angry right now!

Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be F*^king irate! I mean like uncontrollable about what I would/could do! Listen here baseball commissioner listen to your.....

To my brothers and sisters in sports and arts. We have incredible influence in our community. We need to use this moment to demand change. I gotta be honest…I struggle with what to demand because so damn much needs to change. But I’m starting with our right to vote.

Breaking: LeBron James has agreed to a 4-year, $154M deal with Lakers, sports'>Klutch Sports says. (via @wojespn )

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Greatest thing you’ve ever seen.??? #Sports