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Cost of everything to spiral out of control after Covid as inflation ‘time bomb’ hits all corners of world, bankers warn

Opinion | Masket: "Should we expect parties to further goad us into conflict with each other or to pull us out of a violent death-spiral?"

A few common misunderstandings about inflation can spiral into conspiracies. Just because the cost of one thing is going up doesn't necessarily mean there's inflation, which is when all prices move together.

#Lebanon 's fuel subsidy program is draining dwindling FX reserves. Now, Hezbollah proposes to come to the rescue by importing Iranian fuel. The only way to stop Lebanon’s death spiral is to install #CurrencyBoard  ASAP.

Ex-White House counsel was worried Trump's handling of Mueller probe would 'spiral'

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OPINION | "When our lives are interrupted and filled with worry and frustration, we’re faced with a decision about how to move forward. Unfortunately, in American history, it’s been common for some to spiral into negativity and seek someone to blame..."

“What I was not going to do is cause any sort of chain reaction that would cause this to spiral out of control in a way that wasn’t in the best interests … of my client, which was the president.”

Opinion | Masket: "Should we expect parties to further goad us into conflict with each other or to pull us out of a violent death-spiral?"

Ramaphosa says that Eskom supports this liberation of power supplies because it will relieve the pressure on it. (Though it could also speed Eskom's death spiral if big customers such as mines or smelters leave it behind...)

In Hill testimony, White House Atty. McGahn described Trump’s actions during Mueller investigation as increasingly erratic. The President’s directions to McGahn were “crazy shit” that threatened to “spiral out of control” and to a “point of no return.”


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Social media & the press are currently incentivized to drastically exaggerate narratives of division. This in turn creates more division & the downward spiral continues. I hope to build tech that changes these incentives. I believe there is much more love than hate in the world.

Louis DeJoy today: “I would suggest we are on a death spiral.” Gee whiz, what company would keep a ceo who says/thinks this? Get rid of him before he breaks it more

Whoa...Schumer just forced the Senate into a rare closed door session. No cameras. No press. Doors being locked as I type. A last ditch effort to convince Republicans to not send the Senate into this death spiral of power politics. Long shot to succeed, but why not?Stay tuned.

?I wrote a new piece about the 9 errors of intuition that people keep making during the pandemic, trapping us in a spiral of bad decisions & policies. This is a guide to thinking about the crisis & breaking free from that endless loop. 1/

Ignore the science. Mock scientists as alarmists. Refuse to take common sense actions early, when it could make the biggest difference. Cause unnecessary pain and suffering. Let the problem spiral out of control. Eventually get mugged by reality. Yep. Sounds familiar.

George Will: “The nation is in a downward spiral. Worse is still to come.”

There are two Christian responses to escape the spiral of violence: prayer and the gift of self.

Over 90,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Our economy is in a downward spiral to Great Depression-levels. Trump doesn't want the public to focus on his tragic failures. So, to paraphrase Steve Bannon, in order to distract: His people are flooding the zone with excrement.

#India is testing at very low levels, at just 102 tests per 1M pop. #Paskistan  is almost dysfunctional, & they are testing more at 191 tests per 1M pop. #Modi 's #Lockdown  doesn't identify who's ill & who's healthy. Without testing, India can easily spiral into the next #Italy .

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Astronomers have traced the signal of an enigmatic repeating fast radio burst for only the second time — and it's in a spiral galaxy similar to our own, not so far away