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Your Spidey-Senses will be tingling for this friendly neighborhood @SelectBrands  waffle maker! 🕸️: #ad 

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Spidey's dance sense is tingling. Clearly, villains aren't the only ones he can slay! 📹: tomhollandweloveyou I IG #TomHolland  #SpiderMan  @TomHolland1996 

Your friendly neighborhood @spidadmitchell  is back. Inspired by Donovan Mitchell’s spider-like instincts, introducing #DONISSUE2  Spidey-Sense. Coming soon. @Marvel  #ReadyForSport 

Transport yourself to the island of Krakoa or Spidey and Black Cat's neighborhood with this year's Free Comic Cook Day issues, available now in @MarvelUnlimited  and the Marvel Comics App!

@thenickjensen  @AppleHey , Nick! Your analogy doesn't work. Xbox still gets Avengers; it just doesn't get an add-on later. Apple won't allow xCloud on the platform. If Mobile Phone X had the exclusive on xCloud, that would be more akin to Spidey. It would also still suck, like Spidey.

When Spidey interrupts your show. @prchovanec  this was happening off camera as we were talking to you)

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‘Appy birfday Little spidey!!! All t’ best Jeff!


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I think is a great Spider-Man. He is the exact height and age I envisioned when I first wrote Spider-Man. Spidey was never supposed to be too large. How is my friend Tom doing?

Spider-Man Miles Morales has been announced for #PS5 , placing players in the shoes of a younger Spidey. #IGNSummerofGaming 

New Spidey suits are never far from home. Swing into action today with the new Upgraded Suit and Stealth Suit from @SpiderManMovie  in Marvel's Spider-Man: #SpiderManPS4 

Sony Pictures announced today that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will produce the third #SpiderMan  film, starring Tom Holland - scheduled for release July 16, 2021. Spidey will also be back in the MCU, as part of the agreement.

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Tom Holland breaks down #SpiderManFarFromHome ’s new Spidey suits in this exclusive inside look:

Happy birthday @TomHolland1996 ! Why don’t you swing by the comments and help celebrate Spidey’s big day?