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YOU CAN REDUCE STRESS BY: Making plans with a friend Keeping your to do list flexible Spending time outside everyday Scheduling rest time Reading a book Saying No more often Making sleep non-negotiable @LollyDaskal  #Leadership  #Management 

#SalmanKhan returned to his Bandra home last night after spending the entire lockdown at his farmhouse in Panvel.

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News Via @voxdotcom : Bill Gates Is Spending $150 Million to Try to Make a Coronavirus Vaccine as Cheap as $3: #Coronavirus  #Socimp  #GlobalHealth 

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The Board of Supervisors Monday received an overview of the 2020-21 budget and heard from residents on spending priorities. Some asked for defunding the Sheriff's Department and increasing rental assistance.

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After spending nine years in prison for selling $30 of weed—0.69 grams—to an officer in Louisiana 12 years ago, Derek Harris will be released.

Despite IT spending’s downturn, spending on remote working apps and platforms is projected to reach double-digit growth rates this year

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The country’s spending watchdog says it is €600 a week more expensive to care for a patient in a State-run facility than in a private home.

Opinion | The call today is for the government to go in for higher spending to provide a fiscal push.

Partial data from stage 4 coronavirus lockdown Melbourne - spending slumped 17%

One thing Republicans still don’t understand is that doing austerity in the middle of a recession doesn’t actually save that much money. Austerity increases unemployment, which makes tax revenues go down & safety net spending go up.


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The drug companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising against me, only because I am lowering drug prices massively, 50% and more! Biden and Obama said they would do this for eight years, but never did...

2 Americans just landed safely after spending 2 months in space. 11 years ago, an Obama committee concluded that would take 12 years and cost $26 billion. Elon Musk did it in 6 years-- for less than $1 billion. Private competition is always better. #SplashDown  #LaunchAmerica 

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The Do Nothing Democrats are spending much of their money on Fake Ads. I never said that the CoronaVirus is a “Hoax”, I said that the Democrats, and the way they lied about it, are a Hoax. Also, it did start with “one person from China”, and then grew, & will be a “Miracle” end!

Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you.

Instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we need to be investing in more jobs and education. One thing is abundantly clear: Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Period.

The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania's speech than the FBI spent on Hillary's emails.

Just returned to the United States after spending a GREAT Thanksgiving with our Courageous American Warriors in Afghanistan!

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super PACs that are spending millions on negative ads attacking me.

I can see you say outside please go home or go somewhere and enjoy the sun rather than spending your day watching when I leave my house

good to be on the first break in a while. spending some quality time with family.