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If Lake Mead loses another 175 feet, water will no longer flow through the Hoover Dam.

South32 (itself a BHP spin-off, although BHP wasn't clever enough to put all its thermal coal in there) just had a bit of a saga trying to sell its South African coal business. In the end they had to pay to dispose of it, between $125-175m.

Airbus Helicopters showcases ‘westernised’ H175 as UK Puma replacement hots up

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LIVE: Bitcoin Mining Council aims to counter "misinformation" about bitcoin's environmental damage, NFTs to celebrate Juneteenth and $175K bitcoin. @Diginex_HK  CEO @byfronts  and @AsadJMalikoin  @BradyDaleFirst  Mover" on :

Oscar De La Hoya & Vitor Belfort have verbally agreed to meet in a boxing match on Sept. 18 under the Triller banner, per Ryan Kavanaugh. Exhibition bout. DLH 175 pounds, Belfort 190. 10 oz gloves 2 min rounds. 8 rounds. Hoping for LV. They will do a concert Sat/Sun & a Verzuz

More than 175 million Americans have gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot and infection rates, as well as deaths, have decreased by more than 90%, according to Biden.

Coming up on "First Mover:" • @Diginex_HK  CEO @byfrontson  $175K by th #bitcoin  end of the year • discu @AsadJMalikses  Juneteenth hologram NFT • on th @BradyDale  intensified focus on DeFi risks after Tune@IronFinancein  at 9 a.m. ET on :

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Recovery and Resilience Plan includes 175 critical investments, projects and reforms, @PeloniAris  says

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Callum has been on a mission to find the correct mil-spec connectors for an ex-military laptop. Follow his adventure on DesignSpark at: #Military  #Connectors 

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Federal prosecutors have announced charges against more than 175 people involved in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Our review of cases suggests that many were likely disorganized, but some groups and individuals came trained and prepared for battle.

If Democrats controlled the Senate: - the cash payments would be $1200 not $600 - there would be $175 billion, not $25 billion, to help people pay the rent - there would be flexible money for states and cities and bonus checks for frontline workers Let’s win Georgia.

Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now. The 2020 election is literally a matter of life and death. We urge you to vote for health, science and Joe Biden for President.

New Zealand is raising its min. wage to $20/hr & increasing its tax rate to 39% for its top earners. The wage increase will benefit ~175,500 workers. The new tax rate will affect ~2% of earners. PM Ardern said it helps the most vulnerable but “there is still much more to do.”

11 years ago today WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder. It was a defining moment in our understanding of the Iraq war. The publisher, Julian Assange, faces a 175 year sentence for publishing evidence of such crimes, government abuses & corruption

For the first time in the 175-year history of Scientific American, we are endorsing a political candidate. Please vote for Joe Biden to support science, health, the environment, evidence-based policy, and reality over disinformation. via @sciam 

Your morning reminder that 175,000 Americans are dead because we elected an incompetent reality show actor as President who gave up trying to save lives because it was too hard.

If this isn’t a Marie Antionette moment I don’t know what is. Who cares about a redesigned rose garden when we’re in the middle of a pandemic, 175k+ people are dead and millions are out of work?

There are 175k people on this grassroots fundraiser with @JoeBiden  and @BarackObama !!!

There are 175,000 federal prisoners. Many are serving harsh sentences and deserve mercy. Yet, Trump uses pardons almost exclusively for: 1) Political supporters 2) Wealthy individuals 3) Contestants on his TV show And worse abuses are almost surely to come.