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The detailed sexual harassment report on Andrew Cuomo is nothing short of damning, despite his denials, as even aides worried about him and women. The media have turned on him and now Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and other top Democrats want him out

Bommai Cabinet | No deputy CMs in the cabinet this time: Sources India Today's @nagarjund  speaks to Karnataka's deputy speaker Anand Mamani#Karnataka  #Politics  #BasavarajBommai  #BommaiCabinet  | @nolanentreeo 

SCATHING REPORT: Pres. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi are echoing growing calls for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after the state’s attorney general’s probe found that he sexually harassed women. @ErielleReshef  reports as he denies the allegations.

#NSTnation The Sarawak State Legislative Assembly will not sit for the duration of the emergency in the state from Aug 2 to Feb 2 next year, Speaker Datuk Amar HajiMohd Asfia Awang Nassar said today. #Sarawak  #Emergency  #StateAssembly 

"As always, I commend the women who came forward to speak their truth," speaker nancy pelosi'>House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Student loan forgiveness: GOP's Grassley cites Pelosi to argue that Biden can't cancel debt by @aarthiswami 

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Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and New York’s two US senators have all called for Cuomo to resign following the investigation’s damning findings. So have a raft of influential Democratic legislators in the New York state legislature. He's not budging. Matthew ...

Delta infections among vaccinated likely contagious; Lambda variant shows vaccine resistance in lab (Nancy Lapid / Reuters)


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If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy? @RepMarkMeado @senatemajldr @kevinomccarthys @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer 

Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths. She’s an incompetent, third-rate politician!

Pelosi is holding up STIMULUS, not the Republicans!

Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19. We made a very generous offer of $1.6 Trillion Dollars and, as usual, she is not negotiating in good faith. I am rejecting their...

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!

Nancy Pelosi says she got “set up” by a Beauty Parlor owner. Maybe the Beauty Parlor owner should be running the House of Representatives instead of Crazy Nancy?

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor opened, when all others are closed, and for not wearing a Mask - despite constantly lecturing everyone else. We will almost certainly take back the House, and send Nancy packing!

So now Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal. Amazing how it all works, isn’t it. Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were “hardliners”, and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly? They know my phone number!

Crazy “Nancy Pelosi, you are a weak person. You are a poor leader. You are the reason America hates career politicians, like yourself.” @seanhannity  She is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Left, a weak and pathetic puppet. Come back to Washington and do your job!

Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller. A service member's reunion with his family. That's her legacy.