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Pakistan police chief tasked with finding attackers of a woman raped in front of her children sparks backlash after saying she was partly to blame

Russell Brandsparks backlash with 'patronising' comments about the 'working class'

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PM's farming comment sparks farmer backlash

Verhofstadt’s UK intervention sparks backlash ‘EU is finished & you know it’

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‘Trump 2020’ store occupying early voting spot sparks backlash in Tennessee town

CHUMLEY OPINION Gretchen Whitmer, like FDR, sparks backlash over power grab - - Good. She needs the s @WashTimesap-down . Whitmer has been the face of “I am zee law” style of politicking for months now.

Nvidia's Arm deal sparks quick backlash in chip industry - from Reuters

Brexit in spotlight: Boris Johnsonsparks backlash by introducing bill that would undermine U.K. withdrawal from EU


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J.K. Rowling's support of researcher fired for being anti-trans sparks backlash

Chinese universities’ Communist party tilt sparks student backlash

'This is not rule of law': detention of Huawei workers sparks backlash

Ivanka Trump’s CES keynote address sparks backlash. Critics say there are women with more technical experience who are better qualified to speak at the annual technology conference.

This is Darwinian—if people won’t honor their country and can’t comprehend when they’re being gamed, then a dark fate awaits them: American flags on police cars sparks backlash in Laguna Beach