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SpaceX lands NASA launch contract for mission to Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA is giving SpaceX $178 million to help launch a mission to Europa, a moon of ice with the potential for life, the space agency announced Friday.

Blue Origin. Virgin Galactic. SpaceX. There's a new chapter of the space race. What will the future hold? Watch our special coverage 🚀

NASA hands SpaceX contract for first mission to Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA selected SpaceX for Jupiter NASA on Friday said it had selected SpaceX to launch a planned voyage to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, a huge win for Elon Musk’s company as it sets its sights deeper into the solar system. The Europa Clipper mission will la…

#SpaceXLands#NASA  Launch Contract For Mission To Jupiter's Moon Europa

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NASA hands SpaceX contract for first mission to Jupiter's moon Europa

It is striking that SpaceX has maintained an upstart, innovative mentality as they've grown. Almost all companies lose that.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch Nasa's Europa Clipper mission in 2024 to explore the ice-covered Jovian satellite


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SpaceX launching satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year – Mission paid for in Doge – 1st crypto in space – 1st meme in space To the mooooonnn!!

SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon

View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparently, there is a car in orbit around Earth.

Juneteenth is henceforth considered a US holiday at Tesla & SpaceX

So let me get this straight: Elon Musk can smoke a joint on Joe Rogan's podcast and SpaceX gets millions in federal contracts, but Sha'Carri Richardson tests positive for THC and she's disqualified from the Olympics?

♥️? SpaceX has Area 59 ?♥️

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Congratulations @SpaceX  & @NASA  on completing first crewed Dragon flight!! ?? returned.

Thank you to @NASA  and @SpaceX  for their hard work and leadership. Look forward to being back with you on Saturday!