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11:56am CDT #SPC  Day1 Outlook Slight Risk: across the upper mississippi valley, south-central plains to mid-south, and the central high plains

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IMMS among hundreds of South Mississippi businesses helped by PPP loans

As cases now rising in George County, all but Stone County have had more than 100 cases in South Mississippi.

"Mississippi has a way to go before challenging some of the South’s strongest economies, and one key reason is more regulation and red tape than its neighbors."

States w/ highest % positive COVID-19 tests (7-day avg)... 1) Arizona: 26.8%. 2) Florida: 18.9%. 3) South Carolina: 16.9%. 4) Texas: 14.3% 5) Alabama: 14.2% 6) Nevada: 13.7%. 7) Georgia: 13.2%. 8) Mississippi: 12.5%.

2 PM Update: Showers and storms continue to spread across the region today and are now primarily effecting parts of south and east Mississippi and NE Louisiana. Some locally heavy downpours may result in street flooding, so take it easy on the roadways this afternoon.

11 AM Update: Shower activity is increasing across parts of Louisiana and central/south Mississippi this morning. Coverage will increase this afternoon, with a few storms possible as well.

From Mississippi retiring its state flag to local governments removing Confederate statues from public spaces, a bipartisan push across the South is chipping away at reminders of the Civil War and Jim Crow segregation.

From Mississippi retiring its state flag, to local governments removing Confederate statues, a bipartisan push across the South is chipping away at reminders of the Civil War and segregation.


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These 14 states just hit their highest 7-day average of #COVID19  cases: Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Florida Kentucky New Mexico North Carolina Mississippi Oregon South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah. Also Puerto Rico. #coronavirus  @bellwak 

Mike Johnson and Clay Higgins of Louisiana both walked onto the floor without masks. Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana took one when he got to the floor. Ted Yoho of Florida. Michael Guest of Mississippi. Tim burchett of Tennessee. Ralph Norman of South Carolina

There are federal primaries today in: 🗳️ Kentucky 🗳️ Mississippi 🗳️ New York 🗳️ North Carolina 🗳️ South Carolina 🗳️ Virginia Know your rights.

Amazing stat from a smart FL political hand: In Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia COMBINED, @JoeBiden  won all but 10 counties.

"She is either ignorant or stupid because she’s completely oblivious to the history of lynching of Mississippi and the South.”

ELECTIONS TOMORROW (TUESDAY) STATEWIDE PRIMARIES Colorado Maryland New York (federal offices) Oklahoma Utah PRIMARY RUNOFFS Mississippi South Carolina Local elections in parts of CO, MD, OK Important filing deadline in Rhode Island. You know what to do. #BlueWave  #GOTV 

No. 25 Texas A&M ✔️ Mississippi State ✔️ Alabama ✔️ Tennessee ✔️ South Carolina ✔️ No. 5 Kentucky ✔️ Georgia ✔️ Ole Miss ✔️ LSU ✔️ Arkansas ✔️ Auburn ✔️ Missouri ✔️ Vanderbilt ✔️ The SEC goes 13-0 on the opening night of college basketball.

History is made! South Carolina holds off Mississippi State to win its first-ever women's basketball title.

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