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North Korea is imposing stiff fines or prison for anyone caught enjoying South Korean entertainment or copying the way South Koreans speak as leader Kim Jong Un steps up a war on outside influences and calls for better homegrown entertainment.

Only 229 North Koreans defected to South Korea last year, compared to 1047 in 2019, as the COVID pandemic helped the regime tighten its grip

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“Government surveillance feels different in Rwanda than in Canada; individual freedom dominates Americans’ self-image but not that of South Koreans; Germany’s health-care system can withstand a deluge of covid-19 patients in a way that India’s cannot.”

Quickly adopting new #technologies  is almost second nature for South Koreans and #5G  is no exception. In our interview with ex-CEO of @LGUplus , Dr Lee Sangchul, he highlights the key lessons to be learned from South Korea's #5G  journey so far

South Koreans rush to buy sleds after COVID-19 closes ski resorts

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Can't Go to Ski Resort? South Koreans Rush to Buy Sledges, Enjoy Winter Sports Near Home

Can't go to ski resorts? South Koreans buy sledges to enjoy sledding near home 🛷


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Gov. HOGAN (R-Md.) writes in the Post that Trump stood in the way of his state’s testing efforts at every turn — and called South Koreans “terrible people” while praising Xi and Kim Jong-Un as coronavirus began to rage.

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More than 160 South Koreans have tested positive a second time for the coronavirus, a development that suggests the disease may have a longer shelf life than expected

I can report South Koreans here in Pyeongchang are not as enthralled with Kim Yo Jong and the North Korean cheerleaders as it seems some media are back home. Something about N.K. killing, starving, & imprisoning its people while threatening South Korea with nuclear annihilation.

Why are the Germans, South Koreans, and Italians smart enough to have drive thru testing, but Trump’s administration has no such safety plan in place. Instead, infected patients now walk into hospitals and require ER staffs to self-quarantine. (Rockaway)

I have yet to hear a convincing explanation as to why we can't duplicate this here. Is it a technological issue (if so, why haven't we asked the South Koreans for help?) is it a production issue? (If so, why aren't we mobilizing better?) is it a political/bureaucracy issue?

The organizers of Japan's 2020 Summer Olympics have refused to ban a controversial flag that South Koreans say stirs memories of the violent, brutal life endured under Japanese rule during the early to mid-1900's.

“Trump had an idea about how to counter the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, which he got after speaking to Vladimir Putin : If the US stopped joint military exercises with the South Koreans, it could help moderate Kim Jong Un’s behavior...”

We're counting down our 10 most popular videos of 2018! No. 8️⃣ : That moment when every Mexico fan became best friends with South Koreans at the World Cup. ?????

. is smiling next to a man who runs a gulag jailing some 200,000 North Koreans and who oversaw the sinking of a South Korean Navy ship killing 46 & the hacking of Sony North America.

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You know how Trump said the North Koreans “called up a couple of days ago” and asked for talks? Turns out he was talking about his phone call with South Korea’s president Moon, according to Yonhap