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For example, in areas that have a very low percentage of South Asians in the population, around 30 per cent of people are vaccinated. In ones that have the highest percentage of South Asian people, it’s less than 15 per cent.

US President Joe Biden led his country in greeting Indian Americans, South Asians and Southeast Asians on the eve of their New Year.

US President #JoeBiden  led his country in greeting Indian Americans, South Asians and Southeast Asians on the eve of their New Year

“Mental health is not talked about openly." How social media is providing a safe space for South Asians facing mental health challenges

If you say to me “hey umair, desi people aka south Asians like you are racist too,” I won’t get defensive, in fact I’ll reply “yeah, super racist.” We’re all in this toxic stew of hate, we have been for centuries: the question is how much longer we want to boil in it.

South Asians in the U.S. are more likely to die of heart disease than the general population. Join us for a conversation about this community's health with @AmiBhattMD  and special guest @rooshaparikh  on April 6 at 7 p.m. EST. Register:

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#DNAExclusive | 'Want South Asians in writers' room': #TheIllegal , #LifeOfPi  actor #SurajSharma  on brown representation in Hollywood@ImSurajSharma 

The murder of East Asian women in Atlanta is an abhorrent racist attack. This isn't just an American issue. Reported hate crimes against East and South East Asians in the UK were up 300% at the start of the pandemic. #StopAsianHate  in the UK too.


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Racism against Asians is part of American history: Chinese Exclusion Act Internment of Japanese Americans "Patriot Act" targeting South Asians Signs in Stockton, CA reading "Positively No Filipinos Allowed" #AsianAmericans  #StopAsianHate  #StopAsianHateCrimesCr  @DefineAmericanimes 

Brampton's COVID-19 cases put blame on South Asians for cultural celebrations like Diwali. In fact, it's much more than that. Precarious employment, shared housing, less healthcare resources, @SabiVM ., Dr. @preetb_14 , and Dr. @ananya_tbwrite .

My journalism career began during 1992 LA riots. Blacks in South Central terrorized whites & Asians. Latinos joined in, looting diapers & TVs w/Bloods & Crips. Didn't stop 'til Insurrection Act invoked. In 2020, we've now had 5 months of nationwide mob rule. HOW MUCH LONGER?!

The rawest reaction to the @KamalaHarris  news from Harini Krishnan, the Co-California State Director of South Asians for Biden. “I feel seen,” she told me just now over Zoom

As a young girl, I'd often go on walks with my grandfather in India, who'd discuss how people should be treated equally—regardless of the circumstances of their birth. My heritage is why I’m proud to launch our South Asians#ForThePeople  community:

Police officers in Hong Kong on Sunday fired tear gas and fought with angry demonstrators outside a luxury hotel. Demonstrators were expressing support for South Asians in the city, a week after the police sprayed stinging dye at a mosque.

The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians’ statement on Trudeau:

South Korea’s #WorldCup  coach Shin Tae-Yong admits that his team mixed around its jersey numbers for recent training sessions and warm-up games because he believes Westerners find it difficult to “distinguish between Asians.”

You have to write Africans, Asians, Jews, and native peoples in North and South America out of history up to the 19th century to make this assessment remotely accurate.

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