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Plywood storefronts in SoHo bear the names of black men and women who were killed by police officers, flyers calling for investigations, quotes from James Baldwin and Malcolm X, and a poem by Langston Hughes.

Who got PPP loans, funded by American taxpayers: —400 country clubs and golf resorts —Private jet companies —The exclusive membership club Soho House —Kanye West —Kushner's friends Who didn't: —90% of small businesses owned by BIPOC and women Crony capitalism at its worst.

Another solar observatory caught a glimpse of comet #NEOWISE  , too — the @esa  @NASA / SOHO spacecraft watched the comet approach the Sun in late June 2020. This data is from the its coronagraph instrument, which blocks out the Sun’s bright face to reveal the outer atmosphere.

Crowds in London’s Soho last Saturday night were described as being “out of control”. Follow all the LIVE updates today here 👇

NASA's SOHO space telescope, watching for eruptions from the Sun, got a serendipitous glimpse of Comet NEOWISE dancing through its field of view (at lower right).

Kushner does have a JD from NYU - but he got in after his family donated huge amounts of money and gave the school a very generous long term lease on a building in SoHo

Soho seems just a handful of theatre and restaurant closures away from becoming a wasteland | Grace Dent on restaurants

Soho never was what it was. That’s its essence: it was always “lost”. Its merits are chiefly nostalgic and its denizens were always ghosts.’ Andrew O’Hagan remembers the Colony Room:

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Soho seems just a handful of theatre and restaurant closures away from becoming a wasteland | Grace Dent on restaurants via @GuardianCook 

From Carnegie Hall to Soho House, companies received millions of dollars in federal aid earmarked for small businesses. "There should be 100% transparency," says Neil Barofsky, "It's [taxpayers'] money - they have a right to know that."


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Just passed Steve Coogan filming new Alan Partridge series in Soho. Very tempted to yell “Dan” at him but he was just about to do a take.

Illuminate store in Soho is almost open at 168 Bowery go check it out until 10pm tonight guys ?…

Ivanka & Don Jr were being investigated for felony fraud They lied to soho'>Trump SoHo buyers And yep, there are emails

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welcome to LA! Friday is sunset rosé, laser facials on Monday. the rest of the week is running into people you don’t like at soho house

The sisters today launching our apps at the Apple Store in Soho. #BossBabies 

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Tmrw at 1 I'm taking over @BLEACHLONDON  in Soho & turning it into #BadlandsHair . I'm dying 5 fans blue. Show up starting at 11am 4 ur chance

After LeBron refused to stay at the soho'>Trump Soho, a staff member told , regular business from sports teams dried up. Soon, it won’t be the Trump Soho. That’s the real reason Trump hasn’t attacked LeBron. He has an acute affect on his brand.

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Say Whole Trump Family Participated In SoHo Hotel Criminal Enterprise