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To a significant extent, the challenge Western democracies face today comes down to manipulation, whether by populists, online communities, or social-media platforms. @yavlinsky  suggests ways to help.

Skeptics... don't listen to them or you'll never accomplish anything. *smm *socialmedia *authors *bookclubs

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"educators must be explicit about the ethical frameworks & daily practices of truth-seeking institutions such as science, scholarship, & journalism. Social-media platforms enact values that are firmly grounded in beliefs about individualism, capitalism, & consumerism. " @bfister- 

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The social-media giant announced a sweeping set of updates to its audio services in April, with Live Audio Rooms being the Clubhouse-like centerpiece #Facebook  #Clubhouse 


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DID YOU KNOW? The guy behind the 'Area 51' Facebook page, which has reached millions, lives in Bakersfield? We talked to Matty about his actual "raid" plan, social-media buzz, and what exactly is a Naruto Runner? Hmmmm. Tune into our 6 p.m. newscast for full story!

Social-media companies are censoring information about the Covid-19 treatment my company is developing after Trump mentioned it, writes @josh_disbrow 

A former prominent Afghan TV journalist has been shot dead in Kabul. Mena Mangal had worked for more than a decade as a presenter for Tolo TV. She also ran popular social-media pages that discussed the rights of Afghan women.

The North Face is ending paid advertising on Facebook over concern the social-media company is allowing racist content and disinformation to propagate

For all of the talk about Mueller’s halting performance, this exchange is why his testimony could have an effect: at just over a minute long, it’s almost made for TV and is ideal for social-media shares

@TheSlyStallone Isse beheter body, director, writer, insaan koi nahi hai. I've always followed him in life but my fault not on socialmedia

“A top State Department official said Thursday that Russia is behind “swarms of online, false personas” that sought to spread misinformation about coronavirus on social-media sites, stressing the ‘entire ecosystem of Russian disinformation is at play’.”

RT Focused collaboration can deliver tangible benefits to help develop #socialmedia  & #publicrelations  #PR  strategies today. Kaz Aston 2015

Thanks everyone for the amazing feedback & support for @monarchyonline1  #monarchyclearguide  events & #socialmedia  #education  campaigns #UK