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Hong Kong will further ease social-distancing measures this week as concern over the coronavirus pandemic wanes. #BangkokPost  #World 

More businesses to reopen as Hong Kong eases social-distancing rules

#SocialDistancing  will be the new normal in times to come': #AthiyaShetty  on dealing with the #COVID19  crisis

All tours, talks, concerts, and events are also canceled through the calendar year, though the Met currently plans to reopen for visitors in August, adhering to social-distancing guidelines #MetGala 

Social-distancing measures pose a new and more profound danger to the capital by threatening two factors that have been central to its success: fun and foreigners

A prophet in his own city: Jacob Kornbluh, the Hasidic reporter standing up for social-distancing @avitalrachel  / The Forward)

In a year that marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, New York veterans wore masks and saluted while standing at social-distancing intervals at observances shrunk by virus precautions.

Finally figured out how to install Lubuntu onto an 8-year-old laptop that's been laying around here for ages. Should make for a decent social-distancing project, anyway.


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“No one in the city will believe there are no political considerations behind this.” Hong Kong extends social-distancing rules to June 4, casting doubt over the annual vigil for victims of Beijing’s 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

While social-distancing this daddy and daughter just caught her first fish. Sweetest thing you’ll see today...💪❤️🌎😇❤️😉

Hong Kong said it would extend social-distancing rules to June 4, casting doubt over the annual candlelight vigil for victims of Beijing’s 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre

Sweden's unusual approach to fighting #COVID19  has drawn interest around the world. Bloomberg reporter @Hoikkis  explains how Swedes are following social-distancing guidelines

‼️ Always remember to keep a distance of at least 1 meter. #SocialDistancing 

I’ve put together a 30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge which will be FREE and available to EVERYONE to access on our website: With accessible and easy, daily exercises and yoga sessions for the next 30 days. Stay safe all.x @MyPeakChallenge 

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Google launching tool that will publicly track people's movements, allowing health officials to check whether their communities are abiding by social-distancing measures.

All seniors, especially those like me who are over 70, must take every precaution: we are the ones most likely to suffer the most severe complications from COVID-19 that will overwhelm the healthcare system. Please, follow strict social-distancing & even consider self-quarantine.

Coronavirus Social-Distancing. Celebrating Grandma’s 95th birthday today no matter what. I’m so damn here for this...🌎❤️