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So we make a lot of China's push towards a social credit system... but the reality is that its rollout is still somewhat experimental and geographically limited there. Meanwhile in Britain: ?

It is not just restricted as a hobby anymore, as gaming is now being considered as a career option & becoming a part of wider societal discussions around combating stress, skill development, and social interactions. | @nidhisingal  | #gaming 

Artist whose studio where Michigan parents found cooperating

Former TSB chief Paul Pester moves into fintech with social network for money by @Finextra  2021-12-06 11:04:00

Former TSB chief Paul Pester moves into fintech with social network for mon... #fintech 

Former President Donald Trump's new social media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, launched in October, said it has already acquired $1 billion in capital commitments from investors.

#NSTworld Scholz led his Social Democrats to victory against Merkel's conservative CDU-CSU bloc in an epochal election in September. #OlafScholz  #Germany  #AngelaMerkel 

“They’d undercut anyone of higher social standing to show they weren’t intimidated, it was part of their charm. Especially men. That’s why Geri kissed Prince Charles and pinched his bum. It was a dare she relished”


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we had to drop another one from the Artist of the Year 💜😭 #BTSxAMAs 

JOE BIDEN DEFEATS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP The Associated Press declares Joe Biden the winner of a grueling campaign for the American presidency. He will lead a polarized nation through a historic collision of health, economic and social crises. #APracecall 

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It's official: @BTS_twt  wins ARTIST OF THE YEAR. #AMAs  👑

‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies

Winners of Top Social Artist at the group including V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope wore . #Gucci  #BBMAs 

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top social artist winners for the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW !! congrats, @BTS_twt  !! #BBMAs 

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Everyone depends on the USPS. Seniors for their Social Security, veterans for their prescriptions, small businesses trying to keep their doors open. They can't be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote than suppressing a virus.

It might be Labor Day weekend, but let’s all remember that we're still in the middle of a pandemic. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow the experts. It’ll save lives.