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Gavin Hunt vows to improve Chiefs after title flop: After months of helplessly watching their big rivals benefiting from the sale of Bidvest Wits by snatching the creme de la creme of the Students' playing personnel, Kaizer Chiefs have had the last laugh.

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Pregnant teenager, stolen 7 children rescued in Anambra ********** "The suspects specialise in child-snatching and trafficking from different parts of the country, especially South-East and South-South geopolitical zones."

Corona = crown, and: —A new crown (crown-like pore complex) for coronaviruses —Snatching the crown @sciencemagazinef @Morgridge_Instrom by #SARSCoV2  @Virusnerdette  @IcahnMountSinai  @cellhostmicrobe 

🗣️ "Vans of masked policemen are driving around the city at high speed, stopping and snatching people from the street " - Al Jazeera's @stepvaessen  .

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: A woman was dragged into a Santa Monica street during a violent purse snatching.

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Three men wanted in string of armed jewelry-snatching robberies in the Bronx

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Woman dragged into street during purse snatching in Santa Monica - Video

Footage has emerged from Belarus allegedly showing masked men snatching protesters who oppose President Alexander Lukashenko and forcing them into vans. For more news from around the world, click here:

Bond King Jeff Gundlach shares a bullish short-term opportunity he’s snatching ‘for the first time in a long time’ — and discusses the biggest risks he’s seeing investors taking right now

The BBC presenter said a motorcyclist swerved at speed before snatching her smartphone


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the balding, the wigging, and the snatching

Raiders’ WR Michael Crabtree taped his chain to himself before Sunday’s game, knowing he was facing the chain-snatchingBroncos CB Aqib Talib. And Talib still got it.

Like father, like son. Devin Hester's son Dray already out here snatching ankles ? (via @D_Hest23 )

Kawhi snatching the ball in slo-mo ?

After 6 months there are STILL children ripped from their parents arms because of the president’s heartless child-snatching policy. And more than 15,000 children fleeing persecution abroad are currently being held in child prison camps. Their trauma is on ’s hands

It’s been FOUR MONTHS since the Administration was ordered to reunite families separated at the border, and there are STILL children in custody, with potential plans to expand and accelerate the child-snatching policy. Inhumane and unacceptable.

Let’s stop today for a moment to remember that there are STILL 416 children separated from their parents because of ’s heartless child-snatching policy. The Admin MUST find a way to reunite these families. Don’t let them off the hook. Don’t forget. Keep fighting.

Wesley Johnson has to go into a witness protection program. And James Harden must be brought up on charges for snatching this man’s soul.