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Watch ALL my #ElectionFraud  interviews on @YouTube  & @TwitChuteX : -Smartmatic foe Glenn Chong#ExposeDominion  - activist Joe Oltmann -Michigan poll watchers Shane Trejo & Matt Seeley -Nevada activist #stopthesteal '>Megan Bart #StopTheSteal  - research #somebitchiknowr 

After smartmatic'>Venezuelan Smartmatic official Marlon Garcia "tweaked" central server during 2016 vote tabulation, Philippine VP candidate's 900k+ lead "was wiped out." Several Smartmatic employees were criminally charged w/tampering. Garcia fled the country. See:

"Sons of bitches!" Former Smartmatic official Heider Garcia (who is now Tarrant County TX elections head!) was cursed out at a Senate committee hearing over VCM failures. Glenn Chong's investigation led to 10 yrs of ongoing congressional probes. #ExposeSmartmatic  #ExposeDominion 

Filipino attorney & election watchdog Glenn Chong documents how Smartmatic machines were "preloaded" before Election Day with more than 4,100 votes spread over 145 machines in his 2010 congressional election. #MalkinLive  #ExposeDominion  #ExposeSmartmatic 

New #MalkinLive  starts in 20 minutes with attorney/elections watchdog Glenn Chong, who has investigated Smartmatic in the Philippines since 2010 through 4 election cycles.

"Now, tell me if this is statistically improbable?!" Attorney Glenn Chong exposes how Smartmatic machines reported the exact same vote count in 3 consecutive polling precincts in 38 different cities in his 2019 congressional election bid. #ExposeSmartmatic  #ExposeDominion 

Glenn Chong explains how Smartmatic's "digital line" on ballots resulted in "automated vote padding/shaving...This occurrence didn't just happen in the Philippines," but also in Mongolia in 2013. "Common denominator" = Smartmatic & Dominion.

Election watchdog Glenn Chong pushes back against media dismissal of Dominion, Smartmatic & Sequoia ties. "It's not conspiracy theory;" the partnerships are "established," "common knowledge," and "based on hard evidence" in the Philippines. #ProtectTheVote 

An unfounded conspiracy theory of widespread election fraud claims that an election technology company called Smartmatic switched votes in the 2020 election. But Smartmatic provided ballot-marking machines to only one U.S. county in the election.