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I got Bachelor Locky to give me one word to describe a few of his bachelorettes… 👀 #SmallzysSurgery  #TheBachelorAU 

STILL TO COME THIS WEEK ON #SmallzysSurgery  ✨ ⭐️ @hitRECordJoe  ⭐️ @AvaMax  ⭐️ @TheBachelorAU  Locky Cannot wait 🙌🏼

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ICYMI, you can catch up on my FULL interview with the @UmbrellaAcad  here: OLlnhHkJZ2#SmallzysSurgery 

"My self-care Sunday is going to Target." @katyperry  is ALL of us! #SmallzysSurgery 

Here’s the story behind Luther’s prosthetic work in @UmbrellaAcad … 🔥 #SmallzysSurgery 

I must say, I’m very impressed with how @TheVampsJames  decorates his house 👏🏼 #SmallzysSurgery  @TheVampsband 

@illyal  has mastered the art of staying fit AND entertained while in iso 👏🏼 #SmallzysSurgery 


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@RyanTedder  says he’s been songwriting for quite a few massive artists during lockdown… 👀 #SmallzysSurgery 

YOU + FRIEND FLIGHTS 3 NIGHTS ACCOM @BTS_twt  LIVE in Japan. Win Friday night. #SmallzysSurgery 

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@BTS_twt MIC DROP is on the playlist for tonight.. Playing before 10pm! #SmallzysSurgery  #SmallzyPlayMICDROP 

If this gets 500 RTs I'm going to play @5SOS  She's Kinda Hot EVERY SINGLE HOUR ON THE SHOW TOMORROW! #SmallzysSurgery