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Why do Dems seem to hate gig workers, independent contractors + smallbiz? Because they are decentralized & hard to control. In addition to #PROAct ,there is a separate bill trying to kill IC work, the Wyden plan. (h/t @RunnerBliss ) Your labor, your choice

This was sent to me by 1 of the almost 3,000 smallbiz owners approved by @SBAgov  for funding, told $ was coming, then told it was rejected bc of SBA's own discriminatory actions. Small biz shouldn't be treated like this- get more funds & make good on your promises @SBAIsabel 

They have gone to war on smallbiz, made it harder to own a business, & in some cases, completely killed businesses in operations for decades. It should be clear that govt does not want you to have wealth unless you are part of “the club”. More govt does not solve this issue.

@latimes  This is ridiculously cruel. By June 2020, 400,000 #smallbiz  were permanently shuttered-more today. 37% of #smallbiz  in @Alignable  survey can't pay May rent. We have 8+ million fewer jobs filled than in 2/20. But hey, big companies got bigger & more powerful at smallbiz's expense!

All small businesses are essential. The way #smallbiz  and their employees have been treated this year is an absolute disgrace.

I am heartbroken by all the #smallbiz  who never got a chance at #PPP  funds. If you are a smallbiz who missed out/is struggling, please post below about your small biz/your story/how people can help and perhaps we-as a community- can try to help some of these small businesses.