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5 Reasons Why Bright Ideas Die Before They Are Born *mondayblogs *smallbiz *business pic nowacki_k

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Why should you be in someone's "Followers Count" if they're not in yours? Stop Making Stupid People Famous! *Smallbiz *Authors #Socialmedia  #Smm 

How To Create A Memorable Customer Journey Through Storytelling #smallbiz  #startup 

Amid pandemic, wealthy U.S. families approved for government loans @ldelevingne  #ppploans  #COVID19  #SmallBiz 

He asked, why does anyone need a lot of followers?" So I went ahead and told him, Why do birds sing and dogs bark and lightning bugs shine bright for attention, right? Why else are you on Twitter. *Marketing *Smallbiz#Smm  #Socialmediaebook  *paperback

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During this pandemic, make sure your #smallbiz  is focusing on these areas. #newpost 

Perfect Holiday Gift. They will thank you forever. *authors *smallbiz * #socialmediai #smmfts *twitter *followers *Ebook *Paperback

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Starbucks' latest "innovation" is costing them! Follow me to get the latest #smallbiz  news, and avoid big mistakes!

Lawsuit time! @ProPublica  joins with @nytimes , @washingtonpost , @WSJ , @business  in suing the @SBAgov  to make it disclose the recipients of the small-biz lending program. With great bailout effort comes great responsibility to be transparent.

@NFIB  encouraged by @realDonaldTrump ’s #taxplan , says #smallbiz  would benefit from lower tax rate:

BREAKING: The NFIB #SmallBiz  Optimism Index soared in August to 108.8 – the highest in the survey’s 45-year history. Read the full report:

#TaxReform is highest priority for #smallbiz . We look forward to seeing details of the plan in coming days.

If aim of #taxreform  is to boost our economy, it has to begin w #smallbiz . More from our Pres & CEO J Duggan in @WSJ 

#NFIB Pres & CEO Juanita Duggan urges legislators: #taxreform  starts w #smallbiz . Duggan's latest op-ed in @WSJ 

Where does your state rank on a scale of fiscal health? #smallbiz  cc: @mercatus 

@FreemanWSJ  breaks down our latest #Jobs  Report: #SmallBiz  awaits congressional action on key issues