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Both candidates’ rejection of left-wing ‘extremists’ is liberal opportunism at its worst - Slavoj Zizek

"The threat of violence erupting over the #USElection  result next week is exposing the limits of liberal democracy" Slavoj Zizek thinks both candidates’ rejection of left-wing ‘extremists’ is #liberal  opportunism at its worst.

‘The options of finding a solution within the existing system are exhausted. The situation is hopeless, so there is no hope of a solution within it’ - Slavoj Zizek

‘The long, hot summer of compromises with the global capitalist order is over, and we are brutally confronted with the reality of what we can try to do to contain the epidemic without disturbing this order too much’ - Slavoj Zizek

‘It’s time to be brave enough to acknowledge that we are in a hopeless situation, and Covid has changed the way our world will work forever. But we can thrive again if we accept there will be more state control in our lives’ - Slavoj Zizek

'Obsessed by Trump’s provocative eccentricities, liberals miss the key point, developed by Michael Sandel: Trump is not a dictator, he only plays one on television, and we should not play along as his supporting cast' - Slavoj Žižek

'Although it is too simple to dismiss Trump as a fascist, the danger he embodies is even worse than outright fascism' — Slavoj Žižek

'Julian Assange has had his rights stripped away in a case that should alarm millions, but too few people care because his character has been assassinated.' Slavoj Zizek on how the powerful CANCELLED #Assange 

‘Assange’s well-planned and well-executed character assassination is one of the reasons why his defense has not grown into a wider movement, like Black Lives Matter or Extinction Rebellion’ - Slavoj Zizek

‘Assange has had his rights stripped away in a case that should alarm millions, but too few people care because his character has been assassinated. He might have to go to prison before he gets the support he deserves’ - Slavoj Zizek


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'The paradox is that in our societies, the white people who participate in anti-racist protests are mostly the upper-middle class white people who hypocritically enjoy their guilt' - Slavoj Zizek

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek​ says he would opt for Donald Trump as the apparently less dangerous choice in the US election.

#COVID19 pandemic is just a 'dress rehearsal for future crises' - Slavoj Zizek

Order your copy of 'In Defense of Julian Assange' today -- with contributions from Noam Chomsky, @FollowWestwood , Slavoj Zizek, @aiww , and many more:

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Assange works for the people – now we need to save him (Op-Ed by Slavoj Žižek)

Trump-Kim tensions should remind world that nuclear weapons can destroy humanity (Op-Edge by Slavoj Žižek)

Leftist philosophers Slavoj Zizek and Noam Chomsky have very different views of who is this election's lesser evil.