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The 13th Amendment abolished slavery—but not entirely. There was a loophole in that ban, which has weaponized our justice system against Black Americans ever since. For justice to thrive, it’s time to #EndTheLoophole . That’s what this amendment does.

Calls for #Reparations  are growing louder 📣 and momentum is growing in the United States for #HR40 . It’s time for the US adequately account for the legacy of slavery. @NancyPelosi  @WhipHoyer @R @ClyburnpJerryNadleran  #PassHR40  #WeCantWait 

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We present kids with books that paint a glossy false narrative of history, obfuscate the wealth depicted was largely from slavery, & then wonder why modern racists are so nostalgic for a time that never existed while the only window into the past is a white supremacist fantasy

Military bases were named after Confederate generals during the Jim Crow era to strengthen a movement that tried to glorify the Confederacy & reinforce white supremacy. It is time for our country to stop honoring traitors who took up arms against our nation in defense of slavery.

Over time, realignment can mean a political party that once advanced or supported @CivilRights  ends up violating them. A party that once went to war with white supremacists to end slavery, or Nazis to defeat fascism, ends up embracing white nationalism.

“It’s fitting that we are reckoning with Hamilton’s status as an enslaver at a time that is driving home how vital it is for white Americans to…seriously reckon with the structural legacies of slavery in America” @jbf1755  + Repair:

The historic and harmful connotations of this word for the Black community is deep and painful, and Rhode Island’s own direct history with slavery makes this decision by the majority of Rhode Islanders that much more important at this time.

A gifted orator some have likened to a “firebrand preacher,” Ernie Chambers used his time in extended debates to educate his mostly white colleagues on history, highlighting slavery and long-standing injustices to the Black community.

Racism and slavery are at the root of this peculiar way to elect a president. In the 21st Century, it still submerges the Black vote. It’s past time to get rid of the Electoral College.

“the underlying assumption of originalism — that historical understanding about the constitutional text drawn from the time of its creation should control its contemporary interpretation — has a far longer history with another… agenda: protecting slavery”


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CA just became the first state in the nation to mandate the study and development of proposals for reparations. Our past is one of slavery, racism, and injustice. Our systems were built to oppress people of color. It’s past time we acknowledge that.

As I spend time in Maine, I’m noticing many confederate flags on properties and cars. To be clear, the confederacy was alive for 5 years, and their pursuit was to keep slavery legal in the US—and they lost. It seems many people with confederate flags don’t seem to know this.

Many families in India are desperately SELLING their children into slavery to make ends meet during this difficult time. In places like India, social distancing is a luxury, and they are more afraid to starve than to…

Juneteenth. The ending of slavery. A day to celebrate freedom. A time to educate and celebrate Black Culture.

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"Abraham Lincoln, the savior of our union, was a self-taught country lawyer who grew up in a log cabin on the American frontier." The President who abolished slavery for all time —and whose determination to preserve our nation ultimately cost him his life:

It is time that we, as a nation, come to terms with slavery's horrors and how they affect every aspect of our lives today. I am proud to celebrate #Juneteenth  with Mr. Danny Glover.

The next time someone argues that the US shouldn't pay reparations for slavery, remind them that the country already the enslavers! In 1862 Lincoln signed an act to compensate enslavers up to $300 for each enslaved person freed in DC.

2. You’re making them rich, too. Does it bother you that the Democrat Party — the party of slavery and segregation— and your school districts, and the colleges where many of you send your kids —all of which you fund--smear you as racists? Well, then, it’s time to BDS them.

The legacy of slavery and colonialism is very much with us today in the structure of our society and the world. Solidarity with all those saying #BlackLivesMatter  - the time for change is now.

one of these days i will write about how nearly every “modern” criticism of the founders on race and slavery was levied against them at the time by contemporaries on both sides of the atlantic