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Serious question. Keep seeing ads for masks claiming to be “the most breathable” Is it possible to create highly breathable masks that also performs the intended function adequately? Or Are we just slapping anything on our face to “comply” ?

I don’t want to ever hear another person complain about slapping at the ball as a player is close to sometimes works

“The thing is that Stanley will get gangsta on you,” says Nelson George. “There is nothing more gangsta than just walking up and pimp-slapping someone. Not even punching them, just slapping them, almost as a sign of disrespect.” — Ta-Nehisi Coates, 2004

Neymar was sent off for slappingGonzalez on the back of the head and accused the Spaniard of calling him a “monkey.” Gonzalez denies the allegation.

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Analysis: Parsing Trump’s baffling, head-slapping comments on mask-wearing

@pmcray  @baggins_dilThis  really interests me because it's exactly the sort of place where are slapping down a research agency in the middle of nowhere by government fiat ought to have turned into a disaster, but it doesn't seem to have

Parsing Trump’s baffling, head-slapping comments on mask-wearing

#HurricaneSally slappingGulf Shores with torrential rain, fierce winds #alwx  🎥

Get our expert's forecast on the FOMC's upcoming rate decision. Clue: he recommends slapping oneself repeatedly while saying “lower for longer” again and again... Losses can exceed dep #FXSignalssits .


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Hey @CoryBooker  and @KamalaHarris  lynching is already illegal but slapping someone is not lynching, We shouldn't conflate someone who has an altercation with minor injuries, with lynching, That's my opposition to this without my amendment to fix it.

We’ve turned the other cheek for 400+ yrs. How about you stop slapping me in my damn face & I won’t have to turn my cheek? They take our kindness for weakness. I’m tired of forgiving. You don’t have to go to Harvard to know you shouldn’t treat people the way we’ve been treated.

Levels of saying “I want to leave”: 1. Sitting on edge of sofa 2. Looking at watch 3. Saying “is that the time?” 4. Slapping thighs 5. Saying “right” 6. Placing mug near sink 7. Putting on coat 8. Saying “right” again You’re staying for at least another hour at this point.

The man accused of slapping@A_plus_B 's backside while she was on the air is telling his side of the story. In an interview with @InsideEdition  43-year-old Tommy Callaway says he went to wave to the camera and got caught up in the moment.

LaMelo Bell gets ejected after slapping an opponent during a JBA International game!

A man in a blue jacket seemed to be leaving the Trump rally by himself when he was spotted by a protester who yelled: “There’s a Nazi over here!” A group of protesters then attacked the man, slapping and pushing him. He finally ran away.

@carpoolkaraoke  is coming ur way today 10/10 on @applemusic !!! (also sorry for slapping you @joejonas ) ???


I have the worst head ache right now from slapping my face on the water so many times today lol