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Nope. I have documented the media's invention of and silly, selective use of the phrase in my new book SLANTED.

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Unsurprisingly, the slanted application of "without evidence" meets with your approval.

@critica18495985  This is entirely what I write about in The Smear and my new book SLANTED. You should preorder it! Can I send you a signed bookplate? if so DM me your mailing address and name!

@4HectorEnrique  Propaganda. I address this in depth in SLANTED. I hope you will preorder. Can I send you a signed bookplate? if so DM me your mailing address and name!


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6-More about all of that in my new book SLANTED: HOW THE NEWS MEDIA TAUGHT US TO LOVE CENSORSHIP AND HATE JOURNALISM. I hope you'll preorder it now.

Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 Minutes. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!

Much bad reporting and commentary these days is just slanted or misleading. What Duckworth said about Trump’s Rushmore speech, reported uncritically in much of the media, is flat-out false.

Really sick to watch the Fake and totally Slanted News(?) coming out of MSDNC and CNN. It bears NO relationship to the Truth or Facts. They are merely offshoots of the DNC, much like the @nytimes  and the Amazon@washingtonpost . Just like 2016, but worse. Sad, but we will win big!

The Fake Media (not Real Media) has gotten even worse since the election. Every story is badly slanted. We have to hold them to the truth!

Hey, @benshapiro . This is what real journalism looks like outside of your slanted FOX news. You sound whinier than my seven year old when I tell him he can’t have another piece of candy.

With all of its phony unnamed sources & highly slanted & even fraudulent reporting, #Fake  News is DISTORTING DEMOCRACY in our country!

AG Barr’s handling of the #MuellerReport  has been regrettably partisan, including his slanted 3/24 summary letter, irresponsible testimony before Congress, & indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference today—hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it.

I unsubscribed this morning from Politico’s “Morning Media” newsletter. I had hoped it would be an informative look at how the media covers the news. Instead, it’s mostly about what Trump and FOX News do wrong every day. It’s too slanted, and MSM typical. Not worth the read.

I wonder why the first part of this isn't in quotes?? It's because it's not what I said. Media Matters is awful. Slanted and inaccurate too. (Btw, the story they posted has a video of what i said. Watch the video - and ignore Media Matters.)