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"Did he tell you to go and drive your car to test your eyesight?" 👀 Behave, @Carra23 ...😂 #SkyFootballShow 

Brentford boss Thomas Frank had an interesting description of Griffin Park on the #SkyFootballShow  this morning... 😂

Ahead of today's #SkyFootballShow , we're asking you... Should the WSL season be completed in line with the Premier League? 🤔

"I didn't want to talk to people, I was just in a fog in my head." #SkyFootballShow 

"Keep it together Kelly" 😂😂 It doesn't always go to plan on the #SkyFootballShow  does it @KellyCates , @GNev2 

Did England improve under Phil Neville? @EniAlu  joined the Women's #SkyFootballShow  to discuss.

5⃣ Premier League goals... 🗓 Scored during this very week... But which year? 🤔💭 #SkyFootballShow