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“There's somethin' wrong with the world today. The light bulb's gettin dim There's meltdown in the sky. If you can judge a wise man, by the color of his skin, then mister you're a better man than I...we’re livin’ on the edge.” @IamStevenT , @JoePerry  and #MarkHudson .

"I will judge my players by what happens on the pitch." Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola won't hold Kyle Walker's lockdown indiscretions against him when it comes to team selection. 📺 Watch Man City vs Arsenal from 8pm on Sky Sports PL

The "Sky Judge" experiment won't work the way that it could if the referee is the only one who can initiate it

"Sky Judge" experiment won't involve pass interference calls and non-calls

The "Sky Judge" experiment encompasses six categories for potential input from the replay assistant, but it doesn't include the kind of egregious pass interference non-call that happened in the Rams-Saints playoff game

The league is experimenting with increased communication between the booth official and referees in the preseason after momentum has built for a sky judge

@AlbertBreer  joined us this morning to clarify what exactly is going down with the proposed "Sky Judge" in the NFL For Albert's full appearance:

Some type of "Sky Judge" and onsides kick alteration are both going to happen sooner or later. NFL really just delaying the inevitable.

Rich McKay on whether it's inevitable that NFL eventually will have a sky judge: "It depends on what you mean by the sky judge." That speak to: It's a catch-all term. The issue it's not so much what it's called, but what the responsibilities and level of authority will be.

Typo I’m glad I caught before publication: Not only is the NFL not implementing a “sky judge,” it also is not implementing a “shy judge.” “Oh golly I have to explain that call but so many people are watching, can’t I just whisper to someone instead?”


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Both “sky judge” proposals are being withdrawn prior to tomorrow’s virtual meeting on rule changes, sources say. Expect the NFL to still test some expanded booth-to-official communication system in the preseason. But no officiating personnel added for 2020.

Things the NFL can learn from the XFL: * No extra points. Can go for 1, 2 or 3 * Kickoff & punt rules * Sky judge with full audio/video shown to viewers on reviews * Best team used 4-WR base, 0 TEs on roster * Gambling line & total on screen whole game * Dedicated ball-spotter

1️⃣ "He is an exceptional goalkeeper, I'm not here to judge my players." 📺 Watch reaction to #MUNMCI  on Sky Sports Premier League now, with highlights on the Sky Sports app, website and Sky Sports Football YouTube channel.

This is the “Sky Judge” idea that most coaches wanted this spring. NFL did not think it was feasible to give someone that kind of authority. Might be worth a re-visit.

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“It would be too optimistic to suggest Judge Kavanaugh’s experience, reputation, education and virtues will earn him a fair hearing from the far left... The sky never falls. But the hyperbole and the hysteria do not end.” - on Judge Kavanaugh

Watching TFIOS on this plane because no one can judge me from 30,000 feet in the sky. Shouts to @AnselElgort 

Sky Sources: Brentford reject bid from Sheffield Wednesday for midfielder Alan Judge, but Wednesday remain interested in the player. #SWFC