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❗️The infrastructure in #Avdiivka , #Donetsk  Region, has been completely destroyed, there is not a single surviving building, Vitaliy Barabash, head of the Donetsk RMA reported. “This is something that can no longer be restored, but only demolished and rebuilt,” he added.

We bow our heads before the Heroes who protect Ukrainians from the barbarity of the Russian forces, defending freedom & democracy. They will not be forgotten. RIP – Volodymyr Kobyletsky, Vitaliy Kovalenko, Yehor Koval, Volodymyr Kovalsky#ArmUkraineNow 

This is why I wrote the book "Vitaliy, Finished reading Soul in the Game. Loved it. Really gets one thinking about life in so many aspects. I think it is going to make me a better person. I’m going to read it a 2nd time. Thanks for writing the book. Very well done. - Stuart"

Join us every day as we observe a minute’s silence in honour of the soldiers, men, women & children who perished in this savage war. They laid down their lives for Ukraine and Europe! RIP - Karim Hulamov, Vitaliy Karnaukh, Vadym Karpovych, Ihor Kapustynsky#ArmUkraineNow 

Another reminder about the high possibility of the threat from the head of the Mykolaiv military regional administration Vitaliy Kim: "Don't ignore the air raid alert today; something is coming."

‘It was incredible…’ Father Vitaliy Novak from Depaul, a homelessness charity in Ukraine, tells @ShelaghFogarty  how the homeless people from his shelter in Kharkiv mobilised to prepare hot meals for the women and children sheltering in a metro station.

We pay tribute to the heroic men&women who stood to fight the RU invaders. RIP – Andriy Taranov, Hennadiy Mikhel, pilot Oleksandr Kukurba, Vitaliy Movchan These put their bodies Between us&the flaming skies, Between us&a night as foul As ever fell on European eyes #ArmUkraineNow 

They went to war when Russia invaded Ukraine. They believed in Freedom, the right to live in their God-given land. They laid down their lives for Ukraine & Europe! RIP - Vadym Hryshchenko, Oleh Huzhviy (43), Vitaliy Humeniuk, Davyd Pinchuk (22) #ArmUkraineNow 

Vitaliy Katsenelson's ContrarianEdge: The Flipside of Living in Switzerland & Charm Portugal


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For love of country they accepted death & thus resolved all doubts & made immortal their patriotism and their virtue. We honour the men & women who laid down their lives for Ukraine. RIP - Vitaliy Liakhotsky, Viacheslav Bashta, Andriy Havryk, Andriy Halchus#ArmUkraineNow 

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klytshko met New Year in Bakhmut together with soldiers in a shelter "They will do everything so that the next year becomes a year of peace and everyone who came to our land with weapons will leave it with their feet forward," he said.

"To stop the advance of the tank column, the decision was to blow up the Henichesk bridge. The engineer Skakun Vitaliy volunteered to perform this task. He mined the brdige but couldn't leave and blew it up together with himself." The unit successfully redeployed - Land Forces

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Join us every day as we observe a minute’s silence in honour of the soldiers who perished in this savage war. They laid down their lives for Ukraine and Europe! RIP - Sviatoslav Aleksapolsky, Vasyl Yavorksky, Vitaliy Huliaiev, Volodymyr Suslenikov#ArmUkraineNow 

This mural was painted on the wall of the Military Academy of LT in Vilnius by an artist Linas Kaziulionis It was inspired by a📷by Andriy Andriyenko, which captures a moment of farewell of UA border guard Vitaliy and his wife at Kramatorsk railway station

President Zelenskyy awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to marine Vitaliy Skakun who blew the Henichesk bridge together with himself to stop the advance of the tank column of Russian invaders.🕯️

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