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Government briefings began with Johnson saying he shook hands in a hospital and Sir Patrick Vallance explained they wanted 60% of people infected, for ‘herd immunity.’ Now ended after 65,000 deaths, and opening pubs etc while ‘significant’ Covid-19 ‘circulating.’ #HerdImmunity 

Estimated 33,000 people have Covid, 0.06% of the population. About 5% of people have had it in total; most of us are still "fully susceptible" to it, Sir Patrick Vallance says

Sir Patrick Vallance says most people in the UK have not had coronavirus and remain "fully susceptible to it"

CSA Sir Patrick Vallance: "Don't be fooled this has gone away. The disease is growing across the world. "Something in the order of 5% of people have antibodies" "Most of us have not have the disease and therefore remain fully susceptible to it."

What can be done to reduce risk in meat processing factories? Sir Patrick Vallance says the environment is "difficult", rather than the meat itself, as factories are cold & people work closely Prof Chris Whitty adds that "mitigations" will be important

R value is between 0.7-0.9 across the UK, says the government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance

Q: Do you support the govt's decision to ease lockdown further on 4 July, including relaxing the 2m rule? Sir Patrick Vallance says the plan "is not risk free" but the risk level will be monitored and steps reversed if it increases. #COVID19  latest:

Chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance says: “Don’t be fooled that this means it has gone away. The disease is growing across the world. It is coming down in the UK but it hasn’t gone away"

Boris Johnson leads the last daily press briefing alongside chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance. Read the latest:


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Sir Patrick Vallance, the govt chief scientific adviser, says the thinking behind current approach to #coronavirus  is to try and "reduce the peak" and to build up a "degree of herd immunity so that more people are immune to the disease". #R4Today  More:

Sir Patrick Vallance says at least 60% of the population needs to contract COVID-19 in order to develop "herd immunity" to prevent further transmission in the future

Boris Johnson ‘told Italy’s president on 13 March he wanted herd immunity [at least 60% of British people infected] as UK response to coronavirus.’ Sir Patrick Vallance explained that publicly, on radio & TV, the same day. Everyone heard it, yet the Government now denies it....

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"Are you entirely comfortable with the prime minister telling you that you can't answer questions about Dominic Cummings?" - @SamCoatesTimes  Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance insist they do not want to get involved in politics.

Is Sir Patrick Vallance still going to allow Dominic Cummings to participate in Sage meetings? How can scientists independently assess the impact of this scandal on wider compliance when the PM’s chief adviser is in the room?

BREAKING: UK #coronavirus  death toll passes 20,000 with 781 more deaths recorded yesterday - but total does not include 1000s more who've died outside hospital (the @FT  estimates real total as over 45k). REMINDER: Sir Patrick Vallance said 20k or under would be a 'good outcome.'

Chief Scientific Adviser for England Sir Patrick Vallance has told Sky News the aim of measures announced is not to "eliminate" but to "suppress" the spread of coronavirus so there will not be a "second peak" in the winter after the country recovers

“The mixing in pubs and restaurants… needs to stop.” Sir Patrick Vallance says that unless everyone - young and old - start social distancing, “it doesn’t have the effect.” Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warns that healthy young people are also susceptible to the illness.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK's chief scientific adviser, says it is "likely we've got somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people infected" with the coronavirus in the UK at the moment #CoronavirusPandemic