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Boris Johnson said he would publish “all the details” and his “communications” with Sir James Dyson. This has not happened, despite what the Prime Minister said at PMQs yesterday. 📒 👉

Jo Johnson did not join Dyson, the company. He joined the Dyson Institute for Engineering and Technology. And he did this before the texts between his brother and Sir James Dyson were sent.

Boris Johnson said he would publish “all the details” and his “communications” with Sir James Dyson. This has not happened. Instead a summary was published, and the PM now says he promised to publish “an account of his dealings” with the entrepreneur.

"We voluntarily forwent the chance to reclaim £20 million of costs from the Government. We have never claimed any Covid support, including furlough, for any of our businesses, from any government anywhere." - Sir James Dyson#notdysongate 

🔴 Exclusive: Sir James Dyson has accused the BBC of a “grotesque mischaracterisation” of his links to the Conservative Party as he denied acting inappropriately over his texts with Boris Johnson

"Don't the British people deserve a Prime Minister they can trust?" asks Sir Keir Starmer. In response, the PM says last week, the Labour leader "came to this chamber and he attacked me for talking to James Dyson about ventilators". Follow PMQs:

Uh-oh Sir James Dyson calls out @bbclaurak  and @BBCNews  for unfair and inaccurate reporting ... watch this space

Your morning shot of news is brought to you by @DannyBoyle87 : 📌 Sir James Dyson breaks silence over PM texts 📌 One jab cuts risk of Covid transmission by half 📌 Classy grass ends Wimbledon's day of rest


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'So nurses on the frontline fighting Covid pay tax, but one of the richest people in world can get special treatment?' James O'Brien reacts to Boris Johnson promising Sir James Dyson he'd 'fix' a tax issue for his employees. @mrjamesob 

Boris Johnson's ex-adviser Dominic Cummings says the prime minister and his office fall “below standards of competence”, as he denies leaking text messages between UK PM and Sir James Dyson

“The idea that the PM can give an assurance that someone won’t be subject to tax… I do find quite extraordinary as he’s in no position to do that legally.” - Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve on the PM’s texts to Sir James Dyson#Newsnight 

Boris Johnson told Sir James Dyson by text he would 'fix' tax issue - our story this morning ...

Here are the texts between Boris Johnson and businessman Sir James Dyson from March 2020. Mr Johnson says he will ‘fix’ the tax system for Dyson’s employees...

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British inventor Sir James Dyson says #Brexit  will present an "absolutely wonderful opportunity" for trade

"I suspect we'll have to leave without a deal... which frankly will hurt the Europeans more than the British," says Sir James Dyson#Brexit 

Sir James Dyson: 'So if we leave the EU no one will trade with us? Cobblers...'

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