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Uber reported record monthly bookings for March as Covid-19 vaccination rates accelerated across the U.S., saying that it received more bookings in March than in any single month since it was founded in 2009

In March, border agents encountered nearly 19,000 children at the border — the largest number recorded in a single month — most of them fleeing poverty and violence in Central America. That number is expected to increase in the coming weeks.

Activists say that more than 80 people have been killed by security forces in Myanmar. The death toll in Bago is the highest in one city in a single day in almost a month. #Myanmarcoup  #Myanmar  #BagoMassacre 

HAPPENING NOW: A license to carry permit event is taking place in Monroeville. This event comes after a single-day record number of permits were issued at a similar event in Forward Township last month.

Every single candidate up for election in Sefton next month

Why am I “”””HIGH””””” on @4FrontVentures  ? They opened the #Indiana  #Illinois  #BorderStore  and EVERY SINGLE week have BUSTED new Records for 18 straight weeks #Think  #Math  #IncreasingSales  OVER Two Million a MONTH and GROWING every week $FFNTF

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Nevada reported the highest single-day increase in coronavirus cases today in nearly a month, though state officials said a reporting backlog inflated the figure.

The Philippines on Friday, April 9, logs 12,225 additional #COVID19  cases, the third highest single-day figure since the pandemic started. The first and second highest tallies were also reported this month. April 2 - 15,300 April 3 - 12,571 Read more:

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MATCHNow’s Conditional Order Book set a new monthly average daily volume (ADV) record with 756,917 shares traded in March - one of several single-counted records set for the month. Find more highlights at . #DefiningMarkets 

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Another one-time payment won't cut it. If we want to help people to get through this pandemic, we need recurring monthly payments. My bill would provide people with up to $2,000 every single month to help them keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.

Another round of one-time payments simply isn’t enough. We need to provide $2,000 payments every single month to keep people fed and housed throughout this crisis. I introduced a bill to do just that. How would monthly $2,000 payments help you?

My new bill would provide $2,000 every single month for the duration of the pandemic, plus 3 months afterward. We need to confront the reality that a one-time payment just isn’t enough to keep people fed. Congress must pass my bill.

The Navajo Nation has more coronavirus cases per capita than all but two states. Tribes were supposed to get $8 billion from the CARES Act — more than a month later, they haven't seen a single cent of relief. Let that sink in.

2.5 MILLION jobs were created in May—the most recorded in a single month, ever!

😍 BOSS 😍 Jürgen Klopp has been named as the @premierleague 's Manager of the Month for January - setting a new record for most wins (5) in a single season! 👏👏👏

In just the past month it has been reported that: 1) China is likely listening in on the president's unsecured phone calls. 2) Trump engaged in fraud to avoid taxes on his inheritance. 3) Kushner paid no income tax for years. Not a single congressional hearing. Vote them out.

Breaking News Black Unemployment Rate All-Time Low What's really amazing is not only did the rate plunge to 5.9% from 6.6% in a single month 76,000 joined the labor force (the only racial group that increased last month) - really great news. #Winning 

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