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Silicon Valley’s finest. What a clubhouse.

Silicon Valley companies are rethinking in-office perks for a post-pandemic era

Discrimination charges at Pinterest reveal a hidden Silicon Valley hiring problem

“American Artist" has been sounding the alarm about the police's lethal relationship with Silicon Valley for years. It's past time we listened:

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Wow these Silicon Valley boys and girls have thin skin.

10k Hill Run done. Waterdog Park, in Silicon Valley. Masks on. Hoka trail shoes. Jamba finisher

How Silicon Valley hijacked the concept for the privilege of a few—and how we can fix it via @BW 

“A lot of people have been making a lot of money in Silicon Valley while watching the world fall apart.”

I’ve had incredible engineering teams in Canada in the past. Makes total sense.> After H-1B ban, Silicon Valley startups look to Canada for engineering talent


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I’m proud to join @parler_app  -- a platform gets what free speech is all about -- and I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s speak. Let’s speak freely. And let’s end the Silicon Valley censorship. Follow me there @tedcruz !

Silicon Valley has become Sanctimonious Valley

"My question to you is, is this what you want? Is this how you want history to remember you? As the handmaidens to authoritarianism?" Watch as calls out the "gods of Silicon Valley" for being on the wrong side of history: #TED2019 

The NY Times is calling for Twitter to censor the Pesident of the United States. If they can push for that who won’t they try to censor next? Given silicon valley’s leftist tendencies you all better watch out, they are coming for all of you.

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The media should NOT be asking Silicon Valley billionaires to silence the President of the United States. If you disagree w/ what he says—as I also do at times—then engage on the merits. Say why you think he’s wrong. Journalists should NOT be calling for censorship. #FreeSpeech 

CNN: Nearly seven million people living in a wide swath of Northern California, including Silicon Valley, are being ordered to shelter in place starting at midnight tonight.

Why is Big Tech silencing journalists & censoring speech? Should the Silicon Valley Star Chamber have the power to prohibit reporting critical of Bernie Sanders? And does anyone in the MSM (who claim to care about freedom of the press) give a flip about Big Tech censorship?

Crowdsrike is not a Ukranian company. It's based in Silicon Valley. It's listed on the Nasdaq. Its largest shareholder is a private equity firm from which Trump hired his top international econ advisor (who later became Ambassador to India).

'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer incorporates @BTS_twt 's "Mic Drop"

Watch the 'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer, featuring @BTS_twt 's "Mic Drop"