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"Time would prove Gagliano was the Paul Revere of our coastal crisis, using science to shout the warning we had to start defending our coastal lives." Bob Marshall wrote. Read the full column here:

Congrats to all @LastWeekTonight  for their well-deserved Emmy noms. And, I would be remiss if I did not give a special shout out to @joannarothkopf , now also an Emmy-nominated lyricist. Getting nominated w/your colleagues for a song called "Eat Shit, Bob" is a victory in itself.

If you're interested in a review copy, here's the chapter breakdown and our publicist's contact info (and a shout-out from Bob Costas!)

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Here’s a thought... What’s safer? A theatre audience all wearing PPE, facing the same direction whilst watching a show, or old Bill and Bob having a jolly up at the local? Isn’t it customary to shout and spit in each others direction when telling a story whilst totally cunted?

SHOUT OUT BOB FROM KENTUCKY! 🗣 #Warzone  Weekend begins this Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET on .

On second thought, shout-out and props to BOB for shattering the market for my OL brethren. Love it. Let the big boys eat! 💰💰💰

@CedarStoneBank  CEO Bob McDonald spoke with @kilmeade  on @FoxNews  today about his bank's success making #PPPloans  to small businesses. Congratulations Bob and thank you for the ABA shout out. We appreciate your membership, engagement and assistance to your customers & community.

John Lennon's 'Isolation', 'Let's Stick Together' by Roxy Music, The Specials 'Ghost Town' - good shout by Bob Geldof for some songs of the moment on @bbc5live  #SaturdayLive 

The pop-up celebrated 32 phenomenal songs and women, with representation ranging across genres and generations—from Bob Marley and @maryjblige  , to @viewsfromnas  @lizzo  and . Shout out @DJOliviaDopeto  DJ for keeping the crowd rocking all n #GGSpottingi  #BlackHistoryIsNowght !

You gotta hand it to Bob Iger. It's so hard to go out on top. Huge shout-out and massive respect. 🍻 $DIS

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Silent Bob never speaks, but that didn’t stop #vegan  actor @ThatKevinSmith  from including three shoutouts about the benefits of going vegan in this reboot! #PETAOscats  award for Best Vegan Shout-Out goes to #JayAndSilentBobReboot !

Well, that was quite a scene. A slow-moving, stooped Bob Knight bathed in Assembly Hall applause and embraced by dozens of his former players. Didn't need a microphone to hear him shout for this Indiana team to "play defense."

Thanks to the @producersguild  for featuring WHEN THEY SEE US on the cover of your summer issue. Shout out to my fellow executive producers: Jonathan, Jane, Bob, Berry + Oprah. And to all our full producing team, thanks for all the good, hard work.

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#TBT Vibe was the first magazine to put me on a cover. Shout out to the homies Wiz and B.O.B…

Major shout-out to Tony Romo today. I’m not certain the Chiefs fire Bob Sutton if Romo didn’t expose him so badly by doing Sutton’s job from the broadcast booth better than Sutton was.

Shout out to our old friend for winning the Bob Feller Player of the Game Award in Saturday's 2018 ! The Flyin' Hawaiian reco #HOFClassicded  two hits and drove in two runs on his way to MVP honors.

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A big shout out to Bob Valente who is the man at LGA for . Huge fan and all around good guy!! Thanks for everything.

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