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Online garden shopBloomscape raises $15M Series B, acquires plant care app Vera by @sarahintampa 

The ice-cream shop is busy today. MASSIVE queue! Thankyou Ethan and Harrison @carolinesumnall  @davidsumnall  🍦🍦🍦

Vibe check: Montana sex shop giving away vibrators to women who vote

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We want to feature minority-owned businesses in our area. If you know of a great place to eat, shop or visit that you'd like us to include - send us the information to pittsburghgetsrea @wpxi .com or fill out the form at

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NFLX, AMZN, SHOP, PYPL back through their 50-days isn't exactly bearish.

As part of the "American Dream Project," four businesses will get a pop-up shop at the mall with six weeks of free rent and utilities. See who's moving in here:

Are you changing the way you shop now that we’re in a 2nd wave of COVID-19? Take our poll & comment below to let us know what you think

Shopify's $SHOP e-commerce potential extends short and long term, says a Wedbush analyst, who upgraded the stock to outperform.

Police are asking for help finding the rest of the cars stolen from a St. Paul auto shop


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Just passed Target. It’s packed. It’s a few blocks from our school. How is it safe for people to work and shop there every single day but our kids can’t go to school every day?

that’s right baby.. @fentyskin  is for my fellas too! No matter who you are, you deserve to have great skin! 👌🏿 More product details soon come 👉🏿 Hit the link to sign up for early access to shop!

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Ima try my best to be humble about this but, @fentyskin  is coming July 31st exclusively at !! Y’all ain’t hear it from me 🤫 but you can shop it early if ya drop me your email:

(Cheesy ad guy voice) Can't be assed to go to the shop ? It's okay your solution is here NY .. @Postmates  it now

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CCTV footage shows Jimmy John's​ sandwich shop employee calmly reacting to being robbed at gunpoint in Kansas City.

Ishkaran has written to food ministry that since HALAL CERTIFICATION is allowed, so should “Dharmik Certified” be allowed for food made Sanatan Dharma norms. We have a test case of Chennai Police sealing a Hindushop for declaring “dharmic” food only. Art 14 case.

Karen gets upset that a store won't let her shop without a protective facemask. She then tried to pretend like she's the victim, despite the store giving her options. This is pure arrogance. #COVIDIDIOTS  #COVID19 

Why do you love @BTS_twt  so much? ?? i-D hit the K-pop boyband's pop-up shop in London to learn more about the cultural phenomenon that is #BTS .

In the famous words of @nckcmmns  , it's kicking off like a bull in a china shop !