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@Snowden  @NaomiAKlein  " @ConMijenteC  @Malcolm__Flexrises  like these should cause us to think big...about huge solutions like abolition and a GND. thinking big and about deep change is not the problem. The problem is the crisis opportunism, and that's what I mean about the shock doctrine and disaster capitalism. " – @NaomiAKlein 

NEW EPISODE of #INETPodcast : @rjocean  talks to @NaomiAKlein  & @avilewis  about how the pandemic has spurred the “shock doctrine” ()

MLB is threatening to cancel the season to achieve drastic labor changes that go well beyond loss of revenue. My look at how the Shock Doctrine is hurting everyone from broadcaster to MLB stars to minor leaguers seeking to unionize!

It is up to Labour to lead the charge against Johnson's looming shock doctrine | Michael Chessum

"How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine" We made this video at the start of Trump's presidency. Step 2 just got very relevant:

It is up to Labour to lead the charge against Johnson's looming shock doctrine | Michael Chessum

After 2 decades of studying the Shock Doctrine, the most important lesson I have learned is this: when they declare a state of emergency, when they say we don't have the right to protest, that is the moment to flood the streets. It's the only thing that has ever worked.

I talked to @interiew  Magazine about the sorry state of my hair (also the pandemic Shock Doctrine, surveillance capitalism, Bernie and Cardi B): "Ask a Sane Person: Naomi Klein Is Not Ready to Give Up the Fight"

I know things were chaotic and urgent then, but that's EXACTLY when we need Congress to provide scrutiny to lawmaking - it's our only defense against the Shock Doctrine tactics of the GOP and their donors. eof/


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In this piece I argue that a very clear and dangerous shock doctrine'>Pandemic Shock Doctrine has begun to emerge from our current chaos. I call it the “Screen New Deal.” It’s far more high-tech than anything we have seen during previous disasters.

You simply gotta read @NaomiAKlein  on the Screen New Deal--the pandemic shock doctrine that turns our future over to Silicon Valley. It's remarkably clear thinking and writing at a moment when my mind anyway is very foggy

Friends, pls read this thread from the great historian Greg Grandin. Yes, it's complex. But 1 thing I know from my research for The Shock Doctrine is that it's always easier to understand these dynamics in hindsight - but it's infinitely more important to speak out in the present

I've been working with my publishers to get The Shock Doctrine available for free or almost free. Here is my UK publisher offering the ebook for 99p. I'll be donating any royalties from this to mutual aid projects.

Some years ago I wrote a book about how the ultra rich systematically exploit states of emergencies to destroy democracy and further enrich themselves. FYI: Trump is the state of emergency and Bloomberg is the Shock Doctrine. Don't fall for it. #NotMeUs 

One for the shock doctrine record books: Trump uses #Irma  to push for tax cuts WHILE THE STORM IS STILL HAPPENING

IMF plots new “credit event” for Greece. Now it’s Merkel + 1m refugees who get the IMF shock doctrine