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Biden spox @BillR  on Roger Stone: “President Trump has once again abused his power, releasing this commutation on a Friday night, hoping to yet again avoid scrutiny as he lays waste to the norms and the values that make our country a shining beacon to the rest of the world...”

WUDRICK: Trudeau spent the rainy day fund back when the sun was shining

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This visually stunning super-edit of Stanley Kubrick’s films is a brilliant exploration of the color red in the American auteur’s classic work, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket.

“What Katori is doing is she’s shining a light on a group of people who are marginalized and often dismissed.” - @ShannonThornt_n  #pajamasandlipstick  #xopvalley 

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“It’s an athlete-led campaign dedicated to shining the spotlight on issues athletes face across sports and eradicate racism, exclusion and discrimination.” @Patty_Mills  on the #WeGotYou  campaign (🎥: @espn )

Thanks for all your messages saying nice things. You are good people. And my internal dialogue? Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky #COVID19Vic 

The ☕️ Gods were shining brightly 🙌 @HoustonDash  received a gift from an anonymous donor and @ktrain_11  treated @SkyBlueFC . #NWSLChallengeCup 

“All the stickers are spread out 6 feet apart. They're also facing one way because the hallways will be turned to one-way,” Shining Rock's school director said.


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Vanessa Bryant speaks on the deaths of Kobe and Gianna "'s impossible to imagine life without them. But we wake up each day, trying to keep pushing because Kobe, and our baby girl, Gigi, are shining on us to light the way."


#HappyBirthdayJhope!!! Keep on shining ?

Saluting these women. Stay pushing. Stay shining. Stay working. Stay a pain in the ass of the #RacistInChief  and all his co-horts. Stay true to who you are. Stay safe. Stay together. Stay making us proud. #FourQueens 

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?2018.05.25. Happy 10th Anniversary, dear shining#SHINee ! ✨ We are so grateful that we could share the amazing past 10 years together And SMTOWN will always support SHINee’s bright future and their upcoming album #SHINee_TheStoryofLight_TheStoryofL #SHINee10thAnniversaryight’ as well❤ 10thAnniversary

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Good morning! What's goin on ? Lyin in bed! Keep wakin up early! Not good! But sun is shining! Lets make the most of it

Sometimes it gets a little tense when you ask him something he doesn’t want to answer. You should try it sometime when you’re not shining his shoes.

The Trump Doctrine: Alienate our friends and embrace our enemies, condemn democratic governments and extol dictators, renounce global leadership and isolate America. His vision of our country is not a shining city on a hill, but a dark and lonely victim of the world’s treachery.