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We asked our employees how FINRA has helped them thrive in the workplace. Here's what Sheri had to say.

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On the 10th anniversary of the #Somalia  famine, our expert Sheri Arnott asks: "Why haven't we learned our lesson?" #FightFamine  | #WorldVisionView  | #SDG2 

New haircut for seeing the fans again for @WWE  @smackdownliveofficial  in Houston on Friday. Too long, too short or just right? Sheri at @thechameleonstudio150  rocks. #wrestling  #haircut  #houston  #friday 

Describing the arrival of the #COVID19  pandemic as brutal and sudden, @CitieBallet  executive director Sheri Somerville outlines some of the challenges ahead for local arts #yeg  #yegarts  arts

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Dr. Sheri Jamal with @NovantHealth  Rock Hill Family Medicine joins #Rising  for this week's #HealthyHeadlines  to give tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on vacation. #WCCB  #nc  #ncnewsn #clt #cltnewsw #news #healt  news ...

Dr. Sheri Jamal, with @NovantHealth  Rock Hill Family Medicine joins #Rising  for this week’s #HealthyHeadlines  to give tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on vacation. #WCCB  #news  #health  #healthnewsn #clt #ncws 

“The redevelopment and improvements to south Madison will be strategically orchestrated to sustain our neighborhoods and small businesses that make south Madison a cultural enclave,” Ald. Sheri Carter said.

Of those in attendance were community leaders such as councilwoman Nikki Nice, Oklahoma City Black Lives Matter President Rev. Sheri Dickerson, and Bruce fisher of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Wesley Brock Pavey, 32, was arrested after leading Tulsa County deputies to the bodies of Kraig Chambers and Sheri Chambers near Vera, in Washington County, a spokeswoman for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office said.


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"We've got a persistently and intentionally underfunded system." — @javeedsukhera  @SchulichMedDent ) on child mental health, tonight at 8/11pm with @KathyHay  @KidsHelpPhone ) Sheri Turrell (Life in Balance Therapy) and @spaikin  | Producer: @carrletta  #MentalHealthMatters  #onpoli 

This past year of #COVID19  has been particularly rough on young people. And it's not just missed birthdays. Too many are depressed & even thinking about suicide. @javeedsukhera  @westernu ), @KathyHay  @KidsHelpPhone ), & Sheri Turrell (Life in Balance Therapy). @tvo  8/11p tonight.

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The surge in COVID cases in Houston is "astonishing,” says New York Times correspondent Dr. Sheri Fink, who has been reporting from the city's largest hospital. “They’ve been adding unit after unit after unit just to care for coronavirus patients.”

" ... These charges were hastily and excessively applied to defenseless adolescents while a willingness to prosecute bad cops is notably absent," the Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson said. @blmokc  leader criticizes DA for protest charges | @nolan50ok 

Join The Root on Tuesday, June 30th, for a very special conversation moderated by Elaine Welteroth, featuring Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams, Sheri Sher and Kierna Mayo of the HBO MAX documentary film, "On The Record.” @OnTheRecordDoc  RSVP here:

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'WE BACK BLUE:' "Officers are being judged by the actions of one man who did a horrible thing and we don't think that's right," said rally organizer Sheri DeBow.

Oklahoma City police released video of a 2019 deadly arrest after protesters demanded it. The officers were cleared of criminal wrongdoing. Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson is calling for reform, because “what we saw was total disrespect and disregard for the humanity of Mr. Scott.”

Over 1 million people in China's Tibet were liberated from the feudal serfdom 61 years ago. Since then, raising the national flag on this day and many other special occasions became a tradition in a small village called Sheri Ka