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Please welcome our newest registered voter. So proud of you @kenzafourati  ❤️ US It’s only fitting that she would be sworn-in as an American and register to vote on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay  (yes even the Presidents “welcome” letter to new citizens is signed with a sharpie)

Sharpie it over to include New Mexico, please. We're practically Canadian already!

Worth noting that the document in question here wasn’t, like, a major policy brief that Trump announced at the podium. There was no Sharpie map, no boastful tweet, nothing that openly suggested political interference at first. The CDC just quietly changed its website one weekend.

Just a reminder that this president took a sharpie to an official weather map to prove his incorrect prediction about a hurricane was true, after the fact. But millions of his supporters trust him on COVID predictions.

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President Trump who... ..suggested that you could consume industrial cleaning supplies ..moved a hurricane with a sharpie because he didn't like where it was going ..looked at an eclipse with his bare eyes ..says today that you should trust him more than the CDC on the pandemic

QUICK! Someone have Trump use his Sharpie to get Hurricane Sally go put out the West Coast fires.

You know, if Biden gets elected, I know for a fact HE WON’T EVEN TRY to change the course of a hurricane with a Sharpie, that’s how lazy and out of it Joe Biden is!

With a silver Sharpie and his Kia Forte, this Texas man is hoping to start conversations that may be uncomfortable for some.

I don’t mind the Rams new uniforms. But they would have been much cooler if they had cut a backroom deal with Sharpie on Highlighters and just didn’t tell anyone...

With a silver sharpie and his Kia Forte as a canvas, 20-year-old Jeremiah Hindberg is using his car in hopes to start a conversation that may be uncomfortable for some.


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Say Hello to #1D ? Enter@Sharpie  & u can win concert tix! Ck out my #SharpieHELLO  to the boys! #sp 

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One can’t Sharpie an untested drug into safe status

Just a reminder as our memories are all so short: the guy who wrote the unhinged letter to Pelosi, hired the likes of Giuliani & Cohen as his lawyers, thinks Ukraine is hiding an imaginary DNC server, & used a Sharpie on a hurricane map, will be leading the US into war with Iran.

Emails released confirm how damaging Pres. Trump’s claims were about a hurricane hitting Alabama. The Sharpie map was a joke, but also dangerous - a symbol of a thin-skinned  man and the cult who protects his ego over science and the truth.

Starting a twitter feud with @chrissyteigen  is like trying to fight a hurricane with a sharpie.

It's not just Sharpie-gate. This is part of a broader pattern. I count at least seven glaring examples in which government officials have wheeled into action in an effort to make Trump’s lies, errors and obsessions into truths. Here's my rundown:

In the REAL world, a devastating hurricane is heading up the eastern coast of the U.S. But who needs the truth, when you have a sharpie, an old map, and a fragile ego with a vested interested in name checking Alabama?

That hurricane map doctored by thick black Sharpie? The scribbler was Trump himself, @ToluseO  + @jdawsey1  report.

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Why has the Sharpie story resonated? Because the image is indelible!

A sharpie just magically appeared into my hand during meet & greet and came out sorta cute