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Why is the hammer-shaped head of this shark so useful for hunting?

Mr. Shark'>Bearded Shark says he once took a loss so big he couldn't have survived it had he been independent:

Sean Patrick Maloney just accused republicans of mansplaining The Shark has officially been jumped

A touring company has managed to wring an entire concert out of the inescapable viral hit "Shark'>Baby Shark."

Tesla either just jumped the shark or completely changed the game. I can’t decide.

It's not every day a broadnose sevengill shark washes ashore at our Australian National Fish Collection facility. 🦈 #CSIROcollections  ^GK

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@kiss  rocked the boat in Shark City, except there were no sharks 🦈

Great white shark panic as beast spotted prowling off Bondi Beach



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This woman’s 15-month-old son was scared when protesters surrounded their car in Lebanon. So the protesters started singing “Baby Shark” to calm him.

the widespread influence of ‘baby shark’ is harmful to the young generation due to it’s propagation of heteronormative family structure in this essay i will-

This guy's been friends with a sweet wild shark for 20 years ❤️🦈

If you were wondering that was me in tha Shark costume !!

A female shark in a Seoul aquarium didn't like a male shark bumping into her. So she ate him

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Mick fanning for president after punching a shark#Straya 

WE HAVE A FREAKIN BOOK and i look like a shark and there's cats, its awesome lol - ash

so yesterday you might have heard we went surfing and the fishing and i accidentally caught a tiger shark woops will post a picture later