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Companies or governments using the pandemic as an excuse to "force people to put stuff on their phones that tracks them and shares information about them" is a "red line that we can't cross," says EFF's @Adam_D_Schwartz 

For a year and a half, @mexicorrespond  followed the ‘migrant caravans’ - thousands of Central Americans travelling more than 4,000km in order to cross the US-Mexico border. He shares his experience in our lates #BetweenUs  episode 👇

Combat Will Punch You in the Face — Punch Back Navy Cross recipient Sgt. Maj. Bradley Kasal shares his insight on combat and leadership.

Today, 50 years ago, First Lieutenant Karl Marlantes lead his Marines through 6 days of intense combat in Vietnam, which would later earn him a Navy Cross. Marlantes shares how to remain honorable during and after the crucibles of war.

Rachel @maddow  shares early reports that Turkey is poised to cross into northern Syria, and will likely attack Kurds who were allies of the United States until President Trump abruptly turned U.S. policy upside down.

"For anybody who doesn't think that immigration is a crisis...I got to show you this picture." An emotional @donlemon  shares an image of a Salvadoran father and daughter, lying face down in the water, having drowned trying to cross the border. #DonsTake 

Apple is Officially a Trillion Dollar Company as Shares Cross $207 Mark by @rsgnl 

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Former head of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley shares his take on why PlayStation doesn't do cross-play with other platforms.

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Irish Government commissioned this candid report on the impact of WTO tariffs/ No Deal on Irish exports/imports across range of sectors to N. Ireland & GB. 1. Trade shares 2. WTO terms tariff 3. Econ impact Reduction in cross border trade of 9-16%

As we celebrate #July4 , #WeatherRed  Report shares how the Red Cross supports our military, especially in emergencies