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16% of Credit Suisse's shares outstanding is owned by US mutual funds and ETFs. Here is who is most exposed:

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$REAL [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Chief Financial Officer JULIAN ROBERT K.: Delivered securities 69,593 of Common Stock at price $1.5 on 2022-10-01, decreased holding by 11% to 543,593 shares

$CVNA long shares heavy.

$BFI [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on October 03, 10:28:00: BurgerFi International Inc. Shares Update Post-Hurricane Ian

$BFIIW [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on October 03, 10:28:00: BurgerFi International Inc. Shares Update Post-Hurricane Ian

Tesla down 5% trading below support after poor sales 🏎️ #TSLA  disappointed investors with deliveries for the third quarter falling short of estimates As @JeremyNaylor_IG  reports the drop in shares is significant as price action has taken a dive below support

$BRBLD 💰0.0235 Pink Current, OS: 1.7B shares updated'>Outstanding Shares Updated: 🔴 Not Available 🟢 1,744,338,663 (2022-08-12)... Full Details:

$DRNK 💰0.0003 Pink Current, AS: 25B, OS: 11B, US: 9.6B shares updated'>Outstanding Shares Updated: 🔴 10,825,420,057 (2022-08-16) 🟢 11,065,420,057 (2022-09-30) Difference: +2.2% (+240M) Restricted Shares Updated:... Full Details:


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Nominee Sheryl Lee Ralphshares a piece of advice Robert De Niro gave her 20 years ago. #Emmys 

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This moment of utter spare time, I realized the importance of a dialogue with my family," #KAI  from @weareoneEXO  shares some photos for the #GucciCommunity  in a message of solidarity, kindness and well-being.

Manchester Unitedshares the sorrow of the entire nation following the announcement from Buckingham Palace on the passing of Her Royal Highness The Queen Elizabeth II.

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The stock portfolios of the top 1% are now worth $23 trillion, and they own a record 53.9% of individually held shares. So when is all that wealth going to trickle down?

My conclusion, @elonmusk  is fucking with the SEC. His filing w/the SEC allows him to say he wants to take a company private for $54.20 😂 Vs his "Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured" Price go up. His shares get sold. Profit⬆️ SEC like WTF just happened.

@ChrisJBakke  Wow, with Jack departing, the Twitter board collectively owns almost no shares! Objectively, their economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders.

with the money Elon Musk spent to buy twitter shares, he could have given every American family $100,000 and still had enough left over to cancel all student debt

"As you wish." ❤️ In his final performance, Carl Reinershares a special goodbye with his son Rob as part of the fan-film version of The Princess Bride:

@BTS_twt  shares what they're listening to now, their favorite BTS video, and more! ? @bts_bighit