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Shaq turned down a Wheaties endorsement for one simple reason: he doesn't eat them

Shaq Thompson said he agrees Brian Burns may be on the cusp of a breakout season - and Hassan Reddick will help free him up for more 1 on 1s - but he also said emphatically that he expects DT Derrick Brown will have a big season.

Now in his seventh year Panthers LB Shaq Thompson joked that he feels old “like a 2015 Honda - but I have a lot of miles left.”

Shaq Attacks Hollywood: N.J.’s Shaquille O’Neal gets into the movie-making business

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💡 Talk: How to get back on track with your finances after furlough 👤 with @ionayoungmoney  , financial blogger and author of Own It! and Shaq Magee of @MillMoneyUK  📅 Thursday 29 July, 12:00pm SIGN UP: #iLiVELUNCHES 

If you are in Tampa, there is a rumor that Shaq is DJing over on Rocky Point tonight.

Shaq’s IG comments 😳😳

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Giannis at Age 26 vs. other legends at that age: Giannis: NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP, 2X MVP Jordan: 0 Titles, 0 Finals MVP, 1 MVP LeBron: 0 Titles, 0 Finals MVP, 2X MVP Wilt: 0 Titles, 0 Finals MVP, 1 MVP Shaq: 0 Titles, 0 Finals MVP, 0 MVP

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Most dominant Finals performance by a big since Shaq

#Giannis has gone 2000 Shaq + 1994 Hakeem and decided — hey, let’s sprinkle in the essence of 2006 Wade. Almost hope Suns rally just to see what he’ll do in a Game 7. #NBAFinals 


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“I haven’t felt a pain that sharp in a while.. it definitely changes me.”’ @SHAQ  on the loss of his brother, Kobe.

Shaq leading "Kobe" chants with Lakers fans paying tribute at Staples ❤️ (via omerdrinks/IG)

@SHAQ  really has a broken rim tree ?

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Shaq, we’re on live.” Shaq: I don’t give a sh*t 16 years ago today, Shaq went off on the refs. ?

Shaq lost a bet to D-Wade. Now America knows what his hairline looks like ? (via @NBAonTNT )

Remember when Shaq went undercover as a Lyft driver? Incredible ? (via Lyft/YouTube)

“You know what I smash? Trix.” Shaq’s reaction is classic. HBD ?

@SHAQ  lost a bet to @DwyaneWade , so he had to let his hairline grow out ? (via @NBAonTNT )