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Relentless attempts to vilify @stonewalluk , simply because they stand up for trans rights, are shameful and frightening. That the BBC is using public money to amplify such a hateful campaign, reminiscent of homophobic moral panics, beggars belief.

The image of Tennessee’s own band members and cheerleaders having to flee into the tunnel while its players and coaches stood helpless on the other side of the field, waiting to play was shameful.

“India needs to move quickly to improve its shameful record of harassing and detaining critical journalists in Jammu and Kashmir in a complete abandonment of India’s once-proud tradition of press freedom,” said @StevenBButler  , CPJ’s Asia program coordinator.

The shameful@NWSL  and women's soccer abuse scandal is about more than sexism, writes @britnidlc . There is one key element to the players' allegations that remains under-discussed:

That ignorance is dangerous. It's what's behind #Missouri  Governor@GovParsonMO  's absolutely shameful slander and threats against @PostDispatchbiz  reporter @Kirkman  . 23/

Apple takes down Koran app in China. Or, said another way, Apple helps the CCP stamp out religious freedom. Shameful.

Bahujan Samaj Party chief #Mayawati  on Saturday said that the lynching of a Dalit man at a farmer's protest site near the Delhi-Haryana border was extremely sad and shameful#SinghuBorder  #FarmersProtest  #BSP 

We live in a time of intense scrutiny of the moral failings of artists — even those whose creations we admire. And in few classical musicians is the gap between sublime work and shameful actions greater than the conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler.

@MAPFREIns  objects to PR POA which proposes to pay them ~20 cents on $$ as an unsecured creditor (they provided surety to a govt supplier for work done 10 yrs before bk). It's shameful PR, sitting on +$25 billion in cash, is welching on claims #muniland 

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"We learn that if we have fat, we are automatically lazy, disgusting, and shameful humans who are unworthy of love and belonging."


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Rep. @Ocasio2018 : "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!"

Today’s shameful assault on our democracy — anointed at the highest level of government — must not deter us from our responsibility to the Constitution. Tonight, we will move forward with the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election.

This is what Nancy Pelosi ripped up. A truly shameful move, even for her.

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Crazy Nancy just said “long lines for voting” in Georgia were “shameful” and a “disgrace.” This is how she responds when Americans are engaged and excited to exercise their most sacred right as a citizen! But when it comes to the looting and rioting, nothing? Now THAT’S shameful.

Where are all of the arrests? Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? Long term sentences would have started two years ago. Shameful!

Shocking & shameful. This now deleted tweet was the reaction to President Trump testing positive for Covid-19 from @zara915  - former Obama White House staffer and Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 National Spokeswoman.

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The doctors just *cannot* Baghdad Bob their way through the president's active and ongoing hospitalization. That smiling "He's not on oxygen right now" dance?? It's a *bad thing* for the US if the world knows reports on the president's condition can't be trusted. Shameful.

The president is calling out the American military against American citizens. He used the military to push out a peaceful protest so he could have a photo op at a church. It's all just a reality TV show for this president. Shameful.

It is shameful the UK Government won't condemn Trump. Now is the time to speak up for justice and equality. #BlackLivesMatter  #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd 

Delaying direct payments to vulnerable families just to print his name on the check is another shameful example of President Trump’s catastrophic failure to treat this crisis with the urgency it demands.