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#COVID19 has been found on the packages of some frozen shrimp imported from #Ecuador  at a wholesale market in Xi’an City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, the local authorities said on Thursday.

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11 old buildings in a residential community of NW China's Shaanxi got turned into a beautiful "art gallery"! 🎨

A cargo train with 45 compartments of anti-epidemic supplies left Xi'an of NW China's Shaanxi, and headed for #Italy 's #Milan  Wednesday. The shipment includes 368,300 masks and 94.9 tonnes of melt-blown non-woven fabric, an essential material for manufacturing medical masks.

#Coronavirus has been found on outer packaging of frozen shrimps imported from Ecuador in a wholesale market in Xi'an City, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, the provincial health commission said on Thursday. more:

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Watch: Crossing a swift river, carrying a boy on his back, holding a rope and a soldier's hand #Chinese  netizens hailed brave soldiers on the successful evacuation of 25 villagers trapped in the #floods  in Shaanxi Province. #ChinaBuzz 

An armed police officer strapped a boy to his back while trying to cross flooded river during a rescue mission in Shaanxi, China. #flooding 

Part of the ancient city wall of Xi'an in NW China’s Shaanxi Province suddenly collapsed on Saturday. Four people were injured by the splashed masonries, and have been sent to the hospital. Local authority is implementing emergency protection measures at the scene.

Huashan plank walk in NW China's Shaanxi, despite being the world's most dangerous hiking trail, still attracts thousands of hikers each year to walk across a few wood planks that are bolted into the side of a 7,000-foot cliff.

Heavy rain ⛈️continues to soak flood-hit communities in northwest #China 's Shaanxi Province. The city of Yan'an alone recently received 102mm of rainfall☔️ in a 24 hour period.

#ChinaBuzz : Firefighters rescued nine trapped tourists, including two children, in a two and a half hours operation in a flooded forest park after heavy rain hi #China  's northwest Shaanxi#Flood 


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Watch to see how a drowning man is rescued within seconds during a drill in Ankang city of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.

PANDA PARTY: Twin giant pandas Jiajia and Yuanyuan celebrate their first birthday at a breeding center in China's Shaanxi Province.

The robotic strawberry picker harvests the fruit automatically in northwest China’s Shaanxi province.

A freight transport service was launched Friday between Xi'an, capital of NW China's Shaanxi, and Nepali capital Kathmandu. It will take eight days for the cargo to arrive in Kathmandu

Wondering how does it work underneath the costume of the famous tumbler dancer in Xi'an, NW China’s Shaanxi? Lots of hard work is put into this exquisite dance art!

#China reports zero new #coronavirus  cases infected in country for a third day in a row. All 41 new cases are from overseas travelers(14 in Beijing, 9 in Shanghai, 7 in Guangdong, 4 in Fujian, 2 in Zhejiang, Shandong, and Shaanxi, and 1 in Sichuan.)

Graffiti under an overhead bridge creates spectacular views in the downtown of Xi'an City, NW China's Shaanxi Province

Torrential rain batters northwest #China 's Shaanxi Province on Sunday, yellow-level lightning alert issued, no casualties reported so far

What was the making of #XiJinping ? In Shaanxi, he grew from a city boy to a village Party chief #XinhuaSpecial 

Chinese Qin Sword with gold openwork handle, 770–476 B.C. Photo from the Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre.

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