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Ukrainian troops have fully withdrawan from the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine.

As Russia pushed Ukraine out of Severodonetsk, it essentially destroyed it in the process – much to the surprise of some pro-Russian locals, who couldn't understand why their "liberators" shelled the city and stole their cars. must-read by @lizafokht 

Russia forces build on their success in Severodonetsk in attacks on Lysychansk

Severodonetsk retreat ‘tactical’, Ukraine military spy chief says

Ukraine war: What Severodonetsk's fall means for the conflict - BBC News

Ukraine war: What Severodonetsk's fall means for the conflict

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Regional military officials said Friday that the last troops in Severodonetsk had been ordered to leave, as it was impossible to keep defending their positions.

📹 A resident of Severodonetsk, Nikolai, left for a shift in Novy Urengoy in early February, and hasn't since seen his wife and three-year-old son, who remained under Ukrainian shelling; for the last month and a half did not even know if they were alive

@TheEconomist  !! The Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense confirmed the complete liberation of Severodonetsk. Borovskoye, Sirotino, and Voronovo were also liberated!!

Russia claims its forces have now fully occupied the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. It's Moscow's biggest victory since claiming the port city of Mariupol last month. The eastern Ukrainian city has been reduced to rubble following weeks of heavy shelling. #Ukraine  #7NEWS 


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BREAKING: Russian forces complete takeover of eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk

Another devastating Russian attack on Bakhmut this eve. 3 killed including the man photographed here by @andonilubaki  (shared with permission). Unfortunately for Bakhmut this is likely just the start. As Russian forces creep closer it will likely get pounded like Severodonetsk.

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Severodonetsk was supposed to fall 6 weeks ago. This really isn’t the stunning victory anti-ukraine twitter is claiming it to be.

Incredible. Zelensky visited frontline Ukrainian positions near Lysychansk, west of Severodonetsk. That area of Luhansk region—the last under Kyiv control—has seen heavy fighting around the clock in recent weeks. He was briefed on the situation and handed out awards to soldiers.

This is the UA town Popasna in the vicinity of Severodonetsk after the RU forces have conquered it.

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"The fight for Severodonetsk is a Russian information create the impression that Russia has regained its strength and will now overwhelm Ukraine. That impression is false." An alternative view, from Fred Kagan@criticalthreats 

BREAKING: Russian military pushes Ukrainian forces out of Severodonetsk city centre

Russian shelling is indiscriminate. In Rubizhne, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. "artillery was removing those houses very fast - people were trying to hide in the basement so they had no view, no assessment of the current situation, so there was a lot of losses during that time.

🚨 Luhansk regional admin head Serhiy Hayday says evacuation of civilians near Severodonetsk has been stopped after a French journalist was killed when shrapnel struck him in the neck. He was apparently riding in an evacuation bus when artillery exploded nearby. cc @pressfreedom 

@GeneralStaffUA  . also reported "signs of the beginning of an offensive operation in the Eastern Operational Zone. " It said Russian forces intensified attacks near Izyum & Sloviansk, as well as around Severodonetsk & Popasna, & in the direction of Kurakhove & Zaporizhzhia areas.